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The Data originates at the National Weather Service, and is made available here by the UAlbany Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Surface Observations

KAKQ 171754Z AUTO VRB03KT 10SM CLR 07/M02 A3030 RMK AO2 SLP262 T00671022 10067
 20011 58023=
KAVC 171755Z AUTO 14003KT 10SM CLR 06/00 A3033 RMK AO2 T00570001 10057 21030=
KBCB 171755Z AUTO 12007KT 10SM OVC011 01/M01 A3019 RMK AO2 6//// T00081006=
KCHO 171753Z 00000KT 10SM OVC035 03/M03 A3027 RMK AO2 SLP256 T00281033 10028
 21022 58020=
KCJR 171750Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM OVC039 04/M04 A3030 RMK AO2 T00351037 10035
KCPK 171755Z AUTO 07005KT 10SM CLR 07/M02 A3031 RMK AO2 T00681016 10068 21025=
KDAA 171756Z AUTO 12007KT 10SM OVC046 03/M05 A3031 RMK AO2 SLP268 T00261053
 10028 21031 58023=
KDAN 171753Z AUTO VRB04KT 10SM SCT026 06/M01 A3025 RMK AO2 SLP242 T00561011
 10056 21028 58024=
KDCA 171752Z 10008KT 10SM OVC047 03/M06 A3032 RMK AO2 SLP268 4/002 933006
 T00281056 10028 20011 58019=
KEZF 171755Z AUTO 11007KT 10SM OVC045 03/M01 A3030 RMK AO2 T00301010 10031
KFAF 171756Z AUTO 10006KT 10SM BKN043 06/M03 A3027 RMK AO2 SLP254 T00601031
 10060 20032 58026 $=
KFKN 171755Z AUTO 10004KT 10SM CLR 07/M01 A3029 RMK AO2 T00671013 10068 21035=
KFVX 171755Z AUTO 13004KT 10SM OVC037 05/M02 A3027 RMK AO2 T00501024 10050
KHEF 171756Z 13006KT 10SM OVC043 02/M03 A3030 RMK AO2 SLP274 6//// T00221033
 10022 21050 58023 PNO $=
KHLX 171750Z AUTO 17005KT 10SM OVC017 01/M02 A3012 RMK AO2 T00071019 10017
KHSP 171755Z AUTO 00000KT M1/4SM FG OVC001 A3008 RMK AO2=
KIAD 171752Z 14009KT 10SM OVC042 02/M05 A3030 RMK AO2 SLP261 4/003 T00171050
 10022 21022 58020=
KJYO 171755Z AUTO 13008KT 10SM OVC041 02/M02 A3030 RMK AO2=
KLFI 171756Z AUTO 06010KT 10SM OVC043 06/M01 A3028 RMK AO2 SLP261 T00581014
 10061 20033 58026 $=
KLKU 171755Z AUTO 12003KT 10SM OVC036 03/M05 A3032 RMK AO2 T00271046 10029
KLNP 171755Z AUTO 16004KT 3/4SM -SN OVC005 01/01 A3010 RMK AO2 P0005=
KLYH 171754Z 11005KT 10SM OVC028 03/M03 A3025 RMK AO2 PRESFR SLP250 T00281033
 10028 20000 58026=
KMFV 171755Z AUTO 10004KT 10SM CLR 05/M01 A3032 RMK AO2 T00451009 10045 21010=
KMKJ 171755Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM SCT015 SCT036 OVC045 02/00 A3017 RMK AO2
 T00210000 10025 21010=
KMTV 171755Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM OVC015 03/00 A3025 RMK AO2 T00291003 10029 21030=
KNGU 171759Z 09008KT 10SM SCT042 OVC200 06/M02 A3030 RMK AO2 PRESFR SLP260
 I1000 I6/// T00611022 10067 20039 58027
KNTU 171756Z 08007KT 10SM SCT040 BKN085 BKN250 07/M02 A3030 RMK AO2 SLP264
 60000 T00671022 10067 20033 58021=
KNYG 171756Z 14008KT 10SM OVC050 03/M02 A3032 RMK AO2 SLP268 T00331022 10033
 21022 58022=
KOFP 171754Z AUTO 09003KT 10SM OVC041 05/M04 A3032 RMK AO2 SLP269 T00501039
 10050 20006 58019=
KOKV 171755Z AUTO 13007KT 10SM OVC030 01/M03 A3026 RMK AO2 P0001=
KOMH 171755Z AUTO 20004KT 10SM OVC037 02/M03 A3029 RMK AO2=
KORF 171751Z 08010KT 10SM BKN042 07/M01 A3030 RMK AO2 SLP259 T00671011 10067
 20044 58020=
KPHF 171754Z 08009KT 10SM OVC043 06/M01 A3029 RMK AO2 PRESFR SLP257 T00561011
 10061 20022 58028=
KPSK 171755Z AUTO 06005KT 10SM OVC018 02/00 A3017 RMK AO2 T00181001 10020 21001=
KPTB 171755Z AUTO 11006KT 10SM OVC039 06/M02 A3031 RMK AO2 T00571023 10057
KRIC 171754Z VRB06KT 10SM BKN038 OVC160 05/M02 A3030 RMK AO2 SLP269 T00501022
 10056 20006 58021=
KROA 171754Z 14006KT 10SM OVC016 02/M02 A3024 RMK AO2 SLP249 T00171022 10017
 21017 58024=
KSFQ 171755Z AUTO 06005KT 10SM CLR 08/00 A3029 RMK AO2 T00750000 10075 21011=
KSHD 171755Z AUTO 17006KT 10SM OVC026 01/M03 A3024 RMK AO2 T00051035 10005
KVJI 171755Z AUTO 00000KT 1/2SM SN BKN007 OVC011 01/00 A3016 RMK AO2 T00081003
 10020 21007=
KWAL 171754Z AUTO 10SM CLR 05/M02 A3032 RMK AO2 SLP264 T00501022 10056 21028