Here is the Quick Look data you requested

The Data originates at the National Weather Service, and is made available here by the UAlbany Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Surface Observations

KAPG 220953Z VRB05KT 10SM OVC060 14/10 A3008 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 221052Z 01006KT 10SM OVC080 14/10 A3009 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 221149Z 02005KT 8SM BKN080 BKN150 14/09 A3011 RMK SLPNO 52018 $=
KAPG 221253Z 01010KT 9SM SCT080 BKN150 16/11 A3011 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 221251Z 34010KT 240V010 9SM SCT080 BKN150 16/11 A3011 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 221354Z 33008KT 300V010 9SM SCT050 BKN100 17/11 A3011 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 221452Z 31009KT 9SM BKN050 BKN080 A3011 17/09 RMK SLPNO 53000 $=
KAPG 221555Z 33009KT 10SM BKN035 BKN070 18/09 A3011 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 221648Z 35010KT 270V020 10SM SCT035 BKN070 18/09 A3010 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 221754Z 34009KT 7SM SCT040 BKN120 20/09 A3007 $=
KAPG 221854Z 32010KT 7SM SCT040 BKN120 21/10 A3006 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 221950Z 35009KT 7SM FEW040 BKN150 21/10 A3004 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 222049Z 32010KT 7SM FEW040 BKN150 22/11 A3003 RMK SLPNO 57016 $=
KAPG 222155Z VRB06KT 7SM SCT040 BKN150 21/10 A3004=
KAPG 222255Z VRB05KT 7SM SCT040 SCT150 19/09 A3004 RMK SLPNO $=
KAPG 222345Z 00000KT 7SM FEW040 SCT150 19/09 A3004 RMK SLPNO 50007 $=
KAPG 230947Z 00000KT 7SM CLR 10/08 A3004 RMK SLPNO $=