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The Data originates at the National Weather Service, and is made available here by the UAlbany Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Surface Observations

KCVG 242052Z 16018G22KT 7SM -RA BKN010 BKN014 OVC046 21/21 A3002 RMK AO2 PK WND
 16026/2032 SLP159 P0004 60029 T02110206 56019=
KCVG 242136Z 16016G21KT 1 1/2SM R18C/4500VP6000FT +RA BR BKN012 OVC019 21/20
 A3002 RMK AO2 PK WND 15027/2054 TWR VIS 3 P0004 T02060200=
KCVG 242152Z 15016G23KT 2SM -RA BR BKN010 BKN014 OVC021 21/20 A3002 RMK AO2 PK
 WND 15027/2054 TWR VIS 3 SLP159 P0013 T02060200=
KCVG 242216Z 15015G21KT 3SM -RA BR BKN009 BKN013 OVC028 21/20 A3002 RMK AO2 SFC
 VIS 5 P0002 T02060200=
KCVG 242252Z 17011KT 10SM BKN010 OVC017 21/20 A3002 RMK AO2 RAE27 SLP158 P0002
KCVG 242319Z 16012KT 10SM BKN009 OVC013 21/20 A3002 RMK AO2 T02060200=
KCVG 242352Z 17012KT 10SM BKN009 OVC013 21/20 A3001 RMK AO2 SLP156 BINOVC 60044
 T02060200 10211 20200 58002=
KCVG 250052Z 17011KT 7SM OVC009 21/20 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP161 T02060200=
KCVG 250152Z 19010KT 10SM BKN008 OVC012 21/20 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP166 T02060200=
KCVG 250252Z 18011KT 10SM BKN009 OVC012 21/21 A3005 RMK AO2 DZB0159E02RAB02E14
 SLP169 P0000 60000 T02060206 51013=
KCVG 250352Z 19011KT 10SM OVC009 21/21 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP173 CIG 007V012
KCVG 250452Z 18011KT 10SM BKN009 OVC012 21/21 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP173 BKN V SCT
 T02060206 402170167=
KCVG 250503Z 19010KT 10SM SCT009 OVC013 21/21 A3006 RMK AO2 CIG 011V016
KCVG 250552Z 18009KT 10SM FEW008 OVC012 21/20 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP169 THN SPTS
 INOVC OHD 60000 T02060200 10211 20206 50001=
KCVG 250652Z 18009KT 10SM -RA SCT009 BKN012 OVC026 21/20 A3005 RMK AO2 RAB51
 SLP168 P0000 T02060200=
KCVG 250717Z 18008KT 10SM FEW008 SCT013 BKN027 OVC130 21/20 A3005 RMK AO2 RAE08
 BKN V SCT BINOVC P0001 T02060200=
KCVG 250734Z 17010KT 10SM FEW008 SCT027 BKN120 20/20 A3004 RMK AO2 RAE08 P0001
KCVG 250752Z 18006KT 9SM SCT009 BKN039 OVC120 21/20 A3004 RMK AO2 RAE08 SLP164
 SCT V BKN P0001 T02060200=
KCVG 250833Z 18008KT 10SM FEW008 SCT016 OVC024 21/21 A3004 RMK AO2 T02060206=
KCVG 250852Z 18007KT 10SM FEW008 BKN015 OVC026 21/21 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP162
 BINOVC 60001 T02060206 58007=
KCVG 250924Z 19008KT 10SM FEW007 OVC013 21/21 A3003 RMK AO2 CIG 010V016
KCVG 250952Z 20007KT 10SM FEW008 OVC013 21/21 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP164 CIG 010V015
KCVG 251052Z 19010KT 9SM OVC011 21/21 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP165 T02110206=
KCVG 251128Z 20008KT 10SM OVC009 21/21 A3005 RMK AO2 RAB1054E04 P0000 T02110211=
KCVG 251152Z 19008KT 10SM OVC010 21/21 A3005 RMK AO2 RAB1054E04 SLP168 VCSH SW
 P0000 60001 70102 T02110211 10211 20200 53006=
KCVG 251230Z 19009KT 10SM OVC009 21/21 A3006 RMK AO2 RAB19E30 P0001 T02110211=
KCVG 251252Z 20010KT 10SM BKN010 OVC022 22/21 A3006 RMK AO2 RAB19E30 SLP170
 SHRA N NE P0001 T02170211=
KCVG 251312Z 19010KT 10SM FEW006 SCT010 OVC024 22/22 A3006 RMK AO2 T02170217=
KCVG 251335Z 20011KT 10SM FEW009 BKN014 OVC025 22/21 A3005 RMK AO2 T02220211=
KCVG 251352Z 19013G20KT 10SM SCT010 OVC017 22/22 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP169 T02220217=
KCVG 251428Z 20009KT 10SM BKN011 OVC018 22/21 A3006 RMK AO2 T02220211=
KCVG 251452Z 19012KT 10SM OVC011 22/22 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP170 60001 T02220217
KCVG 251552Z 20010KT 10SM OVC015 23/22 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP169 T02330217=
KCVG 251652Z 20008KT 10SM BKN020 OVC026 23/22 A3007 RMK AO2 SLP173 T02330222=
KCVG 251752Z 21007KT 7SM -RA OVC022 23/22 A3006 RMK AO2 RAB48 SLP172 P0000
 60001 T02330222 10239 20211 53002=
KCVG 251820Z 18007KT 10SM FEW016 SCT022 OVC035 23/23 A3004 RMK AO2 RAE10 PRESFR
 P0000 T02330228=
KCVG 251852Z 16013KT 10SM SCT035 OVC220 24/22 A2998 RMK AO2 RAE10 PRESFR SLP142
 CB DSNT S P0000 T02390222=
KCVG 251952Z 19015G19KT 10SM SCT020 BKN200 26/23 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP142 T02610228=
KCVG 252052Z 17012KT 10SM FEW023 SCT075 BKN200 26/23 A2994 RMK AO2 SLP127 CB
 DSNT E-SE 60000 T02560228 56042=