Surface observations

Data from the National Weather Service, made available here by the UAlbany Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

The weather observed at WASHINGTON DC, VA (KDCA) at 03:52 PM EST was:
  The skies were cloudy.
  The weather reported was light rain and fog.
  Temperature: 34F (  1C)  Dewpoint:  30F ( -1C)  Relative Humidity:  85%
  Winds from the CLM(CLM degs) at  0 mph.
  Pressure: 1027.0 millibars.  Altimeter:30.33 inches of mercury.
  The prevailing visibility was 3 miles.
  There has been 0.01 inches of precipitation in the past hour.
  There has been 0.11 inches of precipitation in the past 6 hours.