A ATM 200 Real-Time Natural Disaster Websites
Last Updated: 8/31/2016

Natural Disaster Info:  USGS Hazards Page, NASA Earth Observatory

Natural Disaster Games:  Geography Quiz Game, Stop Disasters Game

  Disaster Preparedness - FEMA

  Natural Disaster News – The Guardian

  Natural Disaster News – Science Daily

  Natural Disaster News – The Huffington Post

  Earthweek News

  World Population Clocks

  World Population Information

  World Population Pyramids

  Overpopulation in Pictures

  Time Zone World Map, U.S. Time Zone Map

  Random Number Generator



  Severe Weather:  Storm Prediction Center, RAP Real-Time Weather Data, UAlbany DAES Weather Page, The Weather Channel, Accuweather.com, USA Wind Map, NWS Ridge Radar, Intellicast National Radar, Dew Point Calculator, Moore, OK (3 May 1999) Doppler Radar, Penn State E-Wall, Downburst Video, Derecho (29 June 2012), Lindsay’s Thruway Tornado Video, Extreme & Weird World Weather, Struckbylightning.org, Supercell Time Lapse


  Hurricanes:  National Hurricane Center, Intellicast Tropical, JWTC Warning Center, Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Forecasts, AccuWeather Hurricane Tracker, Unisys Hurricane Archive, NOAA Historical Hurricane Tracks, Retired Hurricane Names, Satellite Loop of 2005 Hurricane Season, Typhoon Haiyan Storm Surge (Philippines) – November 2013, Superstorm Sandy


  Earthquakes:  USGS Real-Time Earthquakes, Color EQ World Map, NASA Disaster Center, Seismic Waves Demo, Southern CA Shakeout, Seismogram Analysis


  Volcanoes:  Daily Activity, Volcano Discovery: Real-Time Volcanoes, Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, NASA Disaster Center, Archived Volcano Photos, Alaska Volcano Observatory


  Tsunami:  NOAA Worldwide Warnings, Japan EQ/Tsunami 11 Mar 2011, Japan 2011 Tsunami Before/After Photos, Japan 2011 Tsunami Debris Animation, Lituya Bay, AK – BBC, Lituya Bay, AK 1958


  Asteroids/Meteors:  NASA NEO Program, Impact Earth, Russian Meteor 15 February 2013


  Landslides & Avalanches:  USGS Landslide Hazards Program, USGS Recent Landslides, Avalanche.org


  Wildfires:  Wildfire Today News, National Interagency Fire Center, Where the World is Burning, Global Fire Maps, Global Fire Maps Animation (2000-2010)


  Floods:  Hydrological Prediction Center, NASA Earth Observatory, SPC Watches & Warnings, Hydro-Estimator Satellite Rainfall Estimates


  Drought:  Drought Monitor, Climate Prediction Center, CA Drought – Before & Now


  Climate:  CO2 Now Home, National State of the Climate, Latest Polar Ice Data, Ozone Hole Watch, U.S. Weather Facts & Extremes, Global Warming FAQ, JPL El Niño/La Niña Watch, El Niño/La Niña – The Latest Info, Current SST Animations, NCAR/UCAR Atmos News, U.S. Weather Records, Long Term World Temperature Trend (1884-2012), 2014 Warmest October; Yale Public Opinion Project - 2014


  Ice Storms & Blizzards:  Winter Weather Terms, Winter Weather Safety, Buffalo Lake Effect 11/18/2014


  Solar Storms:  Solar Watcher, Space Weather, SOHO Real-Time Solar Images, Solar Cycle 24, Class X28 Flare 2003


  Pandemic Diseases:  CDC, Atlanta, GA, World Health Organization, 2014 Ebola Outbreak Timeline, Live Ebola Map, Zombie Apocalypse


  Mass Extinction:  The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond



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