Graduate students supervised by Professor B.K. Linsley at the University at Albany

Ren, L.    1998 MSc
Identification of past climate variability of the eastern Pacific Ocean using both d13C and d18O records in corals from Clipperton Atoll (1994-1906)

Nadeau, J.M.   2000 MSc
Oxygen isotopes and metolachlor residues in water samples from a portion of the Canajoharie Creek Watershed, Central New York
Alpha Geoscience, Albany

Dannenmann, S., 2001 PhD
A multi-proxy study of planktonic foraminifera to identify past millennial-scale climate variability in the East Asian Monsoon and the Western Pacific Warm Pool
    Swiss Re, New York; Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, Davos

Ambrosino, A.M.   2001 MSc
Sediment characteristics around the Kenyon Island group, Great Sacandaga Lake (NY): economic potential of dredging and land reclamation

Ren, L., 2002 PhD
A study of a multi-century coral stable isotope record from Rarotonga, southwest subtropical Pacific, for the period 1726-1997
Bagnato, S., 2003 MSc
Assessing the paleoclimatic utility of the Indo-Pacific coral genus Diploastrea in a 225-year oxygen isotope record from Fiji

Yuan, F., 2003 PhD
Late Holocene hydrologic and climatic variability in the Walker Lake basin, Nevada and California

MacDonald, J., 2005 MSc
Stable isotopic and trace metal analyses of two Porites Lobata colonies - Oahu, Hawaii: implications for past seasonal variation and sea surface temperatures and anthropogenic effects on the reef environment

Hourigan, G., 2006 MSc
Evaluating the Deep-Sea Coral Acanella sp. From Hawaii as a Paleoceanographic Archive

Stolorow, A., 2006 MSc
Assessing the Paleoceanographic Potential of the coral Montipora venosa at Fanning Atoll, Central Equatorial Pacific

Zhang, P.   2007 MSc
Interdecadal-Decadal Climate Variability from Multi-Coral Oxygen Isotope Records in the South Pacific Convergence Zone Region Since 1650AD

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