Spring Semester 2015 (class number: 8022)

Instructor: Prof. Brian Rose
Office: ES 315
Email: brose -at- albany.edu
Phone: (518) 442-4477
Office hours:
by appointment

Meeting time: Tuesday, Thursday 2:45 – 5:05 PM
Meeting place: ES 328

Syllabus in pdf format

Course description and objectives:
The focus of this course will be hands-on investigation of the climate system using numerical and mathematical models. We will collectively get our hands on a range of models, including both comprehensive GCMs and assorted simpler process models. We will use these models to build our understanding of topics such as
  • The global energy budget
    • The greenhouse effect and radiative-convective equilibrium
    • Radiative forcing and climate feedback analysis
    • Orbital geometry, insolation, and the ice ages
    • Arctic sea ice and its coupling to the global climate system
    • Mechanisms of heat transport in the atmosphere and ocean
    • Links between tropical precipitation and global energy flows.
    • Ocean heat uptake and storage
The topics are subject to change and may be adapted to students’ interests.

permission of instructor
The course will assume some exposure to geophysical fluid dynamics and climate dynamics at first-year graduate level. Some coding experience in a high-level programming language (Python, Matlab, R, NCL, etc.) is necessary.