I will be away January 23 - 27 to attend the AMS meeting in Seattle. Therefore we will not meet during the first week of class.

On your own time, please complete all of the following before our first meeting on Tuesday January 31:

  1. Read and understand the course syllabus, posted here on the website. In particular, pay attention to the grading structure and the final project requirements.
  2. Go through all the software installation and tutorials that I listed in a separate post. Briefly, this includes:
  • Anaconda Python
  • gfortran (or any Fortran compiler)
  • git
  • jupyter notebook
  • The lecture notes, in a git repository called ClimateModeling_courseware
  1. Complete Lecture 1 and Lecture 2 in the lecture notes. Come to our first meeting prepared with questions from the reading.

I will be answering emails during the AMS week if you run into problems.