Ed Landing (Ph.D.,1979, University of Michigan)

(518)-473-8071 email

Adjunct Professor
Principal Scientist, Paleontology, New York State Museum
State Paleontologist and Paleontology Curator

Center for Stratigraphy and Paleontology
New York State Museum
Albany, NY 12230

photo of Ed Landing
Research Interests
Evolutionary origin and habitats of earliest animals during the Cambrian radiation; latest Precambrian - Early Paleozoic sequence stratigraphy, sea-level history, paleogeography, geochronology, and small shelly fossil and conodont biostratigraphy.

Graduate students supervised by Dr. Landing at the University at Albany

Selected Publications:

Landing, E., S.A. Bowring, K. Davidek, A.W.A. Rushton, R.A. Fortey, and W.A.P. Wimbledon, 2000. Cambrian-Ordovician boundary age and duration of the lowest Ordovician Tremadoc Series based on U-Pb zircon dates from Avalonian Wales. Geological Magazine, 137, 485-494.

Geyer, G., E. Landing, and W. Heldmaier. 1998. Faunas and depositional environments of the Cambrian of the Moroccan Atlas regions. Beringeria Special Issue, 2, 47-120.

Landing, E., and S.R. Westrop. 1998. Cambrian faunal sequence and depositional history of Avalonian Newfoundland and New Brunswick. New York State Museum Bulletin, 492, 7-75.

Landing, E. 1996. Avalon - Insular continent by the latest Precambrian, p. 27-64. In R.D. Lance and M. Thompson (eds.), Avalonian and Related Peri-Gondwanan Terranes of the Circum-North Atlantic. Geological Society of America, Special Paper 304.

Landing, E.., and K.E. Bartowski. 1996. Oldest shelly fossils from the Taconic allochthon and late Early Cambrian sea-levels in eastern Laurentia. Journal of Paleontology, 70, 741-761.

Landing, E., and S.R. Westrop, and L. Knox. 1996. Conodonts, stratigraphy, and relative sea-level changes of the Tribes Hill Formation (Lower Ordovician), east-central New York. Journal of Paleontology, 70, 652-676.

Landing, E. 1993. Cambrian-Ordovician boundary in the Taconic allochthon, eastern New York, and its interregional correlation. Journal of Paleontology, 67, 1-19.

Landing, E. 1995. Upper Lower Cambrian (upper Placentian-Branchian Series) of the northern Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia: faunas, depositional environments, and revised stratigraphy. Journal of Paleontology, 68, 475-495.

Landing, E. 1994. Precambrian-Cambrian global stratotype ratified and a new perspective of Cambrian time. Geology, 22, 179-182.

Landing, E., P. Myrow, A.P. Benus, and G. M. Narbonne. 1989. The Placentian Series: appearance of the oldest skeletalized faunas in southeastern Newfoundland. Journal of Paleontology, 63, 739-769.

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