Graduate students supervised by Professor G.D. Harper at the University at Albany

Ohr M.   1987 MSc 
Geology, geochemistry, and geochronology of the Lems Ridge olistostrome, Klamath Mountains, California

Jones F.R.   1988 MSc 
Structural geology of the northern Galice Formation, western Klamath Mountains, Oregon and California

Park-Jones R.E.   1988 MSc 
Sedimentology, structure, and geochemistry of the Galice Formation: sediment fill of a back-arc basin and island arc in the western Klamath Mountains

Norrell, G.T. 1989 PhD 
Structural geology of the Josephine Peridotite, northern California: implications for structural processes at slow spreading centers

Grady K.A.   1990 MSc 
Geology and structure of the rocks associated with the basal (Madstone) thrust of the Josephine Ophiolite in southwestern Oregon: evidence for a metamorphic sole

Alexander, R.J. 1992 PhD 
Oceanic faulting and hydrothermal circulation within the crustal sequence of the Josephine Ophiolite, Northwest California and Southwest Oregon, USA

Greisau, N. 1992 MSc 
A kinematic study of the Summit Valley Plutonic Complex, Klamath Mountains, California

Coulton, A. J., 1995 PhD 
Fault-related oceanic and emplacement-age serpentinization in the Josephine ophiolite of NW California and SW Oregon

Kosanke, S. B., 2000 PhD 
The geology, geochronology, structure and geochemistry of the Wild Rogue Wilderness remnant of the Coast Range ophiolite, southwest Oregon implications for the magmatic and tectonic evolution of the Coast Range ophiolite

Renda, J.F., 2004 MSc
Structural analysis of the Gonic Formation in Berwick, Maine

Katrib [McClung], J., 2005 MSc
Source of meta-igneous blocks and structure of the Colebrooke Schist in the Snowcamp Peak area, Pickett Peak terrane, southwestern Oregon

MacDonald, J., 2006 PhD
Petrology, petrogenesis, and tectonic setting of Jurassic rocks of the central Cascades, Washington, and western Klamath Mountains, California-Oregon

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