Graduate students supervised by Professor W.D. Means at the University at Albany

Gregg W.J.  1975 MSc 
Structural Studies in the Moretown and Cram Hill Units near Ludlow, Vermont 

Nesbit, B. 1976 PhD 
Structural studies in the northern Chester Dome of East-Central Vermont 

Gregg, W.J. 1979 PhD 
The development of foliations in low, medium and high grade Metamorphic Tectonites 

Bosworth, W.P. 1980 PhD 
Structural geology of the Fort Miller, Schuylerville and portions of the Schaghticoke 7 1/2' quadrangles, eastern New York, and its implications in Taconic geology; and experimental and theoretical studies of solution transfer in deforming heterogeneous systems

Thiessen, R. 1980 PhD 
Theoretical and computer assisted studies in tectonics, structural geology and isotope dating

Washington P.   1981 MSc
Structural analysis of an area near Middlebury, Vermont

Vollmer F.W.   1981 MSc 
Structural Studies of the Ordovician Flysch and Melange in Albany County, New York

Swanson, M.T. 1982 PhD 
The structure and tectonics of Mesozoic dike swarms in eastern New England

Bobyarchick, A.B. 1983 PhD 
Structure of the Brevard Zone and Blue Ridge near Lenoir, North Carolina, with observations on oblique crenulation cleavage and a preliminary theory for irrotational structures in shear zones

Xia Z.   1983 MSc 
Geology of the western boundary of the Taconic Allochthon near Troy and the anastomosing cleavage in the Taconic Melange

Mora J.   1984 MSc 
Chatham Fault Zone, Old Chatham-East Chatham, New York: mesostructures and microstructures: their spatial and age relationships

Hall P.C.   1984 MSc (shared supervision with G.W. Putman)
Some aspects of deformation fabrics along the Highland/Lowland boundary, northwest Adirondacks, New York State

Bradley L.    1984 MSc 
Structural analysis of deformed Carboniferous strata, Mispec Beach, Southern New Brunswick

Jessell, M. 1986 PhD
Dynamic grain boundary migration and fabric development: observations, experiments and simulations

Will T.    1987 MSc
Structural investigations on experimentally and naturally produced slickensides

Ree, J-H. 1991 PhD
High temperature deformation of octachloropropane: a microstructural study

Lee, Y-J. 1991 MSc
Slickenside petrography: slip-sense indicators and classification

Schimmrich, S. 1991 MSc
Evaluation of computational methods of paleostress analysis using fault-striation data

Arz, C. 1992 MSc
Thermal-mechanical response to an intruding magma chamber

Park, Y., 1994 PhD
Microstructural evolution in crystal-melt systems

Hayman, N.W.   1997 MSc (shared supervision with W.S.F. Kidd)
Pre-thrust normal faults and post-tectonic micas in the Taconic Range of west-central Vermont

Li T., 2000 PhD
Experimental growth of fibers and fibrous veins

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