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Lance F. Bosart, Distinguished Professor; PhD, MIT, 1969. Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology
ES 227(518) 442-4564E-Mail
Kristen L. Corbosiero, Assistant Professor; PhD, Univ. at Albany, 2005. Synoptic-dynamic and tropical meteorology; hurricanes; midlatitude-tropical interactions; atmospheric lightning detection; North American monsoon
ES 321(518) 442-5852E-Mail
Aiguo Dai, Associate Professor, PhD, Columbia Univ., 1996. Climate variability and change, future climate change, the global water cycle, hydroclimate, drought, and climate data analysis
ES 310(518) 442-4474E-Mail
Oliver Elison Timm, Research Associate Professor; Ph.D., Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Kiel, Germany, 2003. Decadal and Interdecadal Variations. Modelling and paleoclimatic analysis of ice-sheet cycles and regional impacts of climate change.
ES 316A(518) 442-3584E-Mail
Vincent P. Idone, Associate Professor; PhD, Univ. at Albany, 1982. Atmospheric electricity
ES 215(518) 442-4577E-Mail
Roberta M. Johnson, Clinical Professor; PhD, UCLA, 1987. Upper atmospheric dynamics, space weather, climate change, sustainability. Emphasis on geoscience education, science literacy, and outreach.
ES 212(518) 442-4561E-Mail
Robert G. Keesee, Associate Professor; PhD, Colorado, 1979. Atmospheric chemistry and aerosols
ES 214(518) 442-4566E-Mail
Daniel Keyser, Professor; PhD, Penn State, 1981. Synoptic-dynamic meteorology
ES 224(518) 442-4559E-Mail
Andrea Lang, Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2011. Synoptic-dynamic meteorology
ES 323(518) 442-4558E-Mail
Jiping Liu, Assistant Professor; PhD, Columbia University, 2003. Climate-Cryosphere Dynamics, Feedbacks and Modeling; Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Interactions; Application of Remote Sensing in Climate.
ES 211(518) 442-4048E-Mail
Justin Minder, Assistant Professor; PhD, Univ. of Washington, 2010. Mountain weather and climate, regional climate, mesoscale dynamics, hydrometeorology
ES 339B(518) 437-3732E-Mail
John Molinari, Professor; PhD, Florida State, 1979. Hurricanes and tropical meteorology, lightning in tropical disturbances
ES 225(518) 442-4562E-Mail
Brian Rose, Assistant Professor; PhD, MIT, 2010. Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions & Climate-Cryosphere Dynamics and Feedbacks.
ES 315(518) 442-4477E-Mail
Paul E. Roundy, Associate Professor; PhD, Penn State University, 2003. Tropical atmosphere & ocean; impacts on global weather and climate
ES 339A(518) 442-4476E-Mail
Brian Tang, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010. Tropical meteorology, mesoscale dynamics, synoptic meteorology, and weather-climate interactions
ES 324(518) 442-4572E-Mail
Chris Thorncroft, Professor, Department Chair; PhD, Univ. of Reading, UK, 1989, Tropical Meteorology, tropical waves and the West African monsoon
ES 226(518) 442-4555E-Mail
Ryan Torn, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Washington, 2007, Predictability, data assimilation, synoptic and mesoscale meteorology
ES 229(518) 442-4560E-Mail
Mathias Vuille, Associate Professor; PhD, Univ. of Bern, Switzerland, 1995. Paleoclimatology, tropical climate change, tropical glacier-climate interactions
ES 311(518) 442-4472E-Mail
Liming Zhou, Associate Professor; PhD, Boston University, 2002. Land surface remote sensing, land-atmosphere/climate interactions
ES 321(518) 442-4446E-Mail

Research Faculty

Craig R. Ferguson, Research Associate; Ph.D., Princeton University (2010), land-atmosphere interactions, satellite remote sensing of the water cycle
ASRC(518) 437-8752E-Mail
David R. Fitzjarrald, Research Associate; PhD, Virginia, 1980. Boundary layer meteorology
ASRC(518) 437-8735E-Mail
Jeffrey M. Freedman, Research Associate; PhD, University at Albany, 2000. Renewable energy
ASRC(518) 437-8737E-Mail
Lee Harrison, Adjunct Faculty; PhD, University of Washington-Seattle, 1982. Aerosol physics, atmospheric radiation
ASRC(518) 437-8741E-Mail
Scott Miller, PhD, UC-Irvine, 1998. Micrometeorology, air-sea interaction
Qilong Min, PhD, Alaska-Fairbanks, 1993, Radiative transfer, remote sensing
ASRC(518) 437-8742E-Mail
Richard R. Perez, PhD, Univ. at Albany, 1983. Solar energy applications
ASRC(518) 437-8751E-Mail
James J. Schwab, Research Professor; PhD, Harvard, 1983. Atmospheric chemistry, field measurement of gases and particles
ASRC(518) 437-8754E-Mail
Chris J. Walcek, Adjunct Faculty; PhD, UCLA, 1983. Cloud physics, cloud chemistry
ASRC(518) 437-8720E-Mail
Wei-Chyung Wang, Professor of Applied Sciences; D.E.S., Columbia, 1973. Atmospheric radiation and climate modeling
ASRC(518) 437-8708E-Mail
Junhong (June) Wang, Research Associate Professor, PhD, Columbia Univ., 1997. Climate observations, data creation and analysis, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) measurements and applications, and sounding technology and data quality.
ES 339C(518) 442-3478E-Mail
Fangqun Yu, Adjunct Faculty; PhD, UCLA, 1998. Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry; Aerosol Microphysics
ASRC(518) 437-8767E-Mail

Department Postdoctoral Fellows

John Hurley, PhD, University of New Mexico, 2010.
ES 352A(518) 442-xxxxE-Mail
Elinor Martin, PhD, Texas A&M, 2011.
ES 352A(518) 442-xxxxE-Mail
Benjamin Schenkel, PhD, FSU, 2012.
ES 352A(518) 442-xxxxE-Mail


Denise Church, Secretary
ES 351(518) 442-4556E-Mail
Sandra George, Staff Assistant
ES 220(518) 442-3227E-Mail
L-122(518) 437-8700
Stephen S. Howe, Research Geochemist; MS, Penn State, 1981. Economic geology and stable isotope geochemistry
ES 352B(518) 442-5053E-Mail
David Knight, Research Associate; PhD, University of Washington-Seattle, 1987. Mesoscale meteorology, numerical modeling, use of computers in atmospheric science research and education.
ES 228(518) 442-4204E-Mail
Michael Landin, MS, Univ. at Albany, Synoptic Meteorology, Broadcasting
ES 316B(518) 442-xxxxE-Mail
Ross Lazear, Instructional Support Specialist; MS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007. Synoptic meteorology and forecasting
ES 322(518) 437-3601E-Mail
Chaina Porter, Assistant to the Chair
ES 351A(518) 442-4466E-Mail
Kevin Tyle, Senior Programmer Analyst; System/Network Administrator; MS, Univ. at Albany, 1995
ES 235(518) 442-4578E-Mail
David J. Vollaro, MS, Univ. at Albany, 1988, Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology
ES 235(518) 442-4273E-Mail
Barbara Zampella, Research Administrator;
ES 220(518) 442-4586E-Mail

Emeritus Faculty

Ulrich H. Czapski, PhD, Hamburg, 1953. Turbulence and convection
Gregory D. Harper, PhD, Berkeley, 1980. Structural geology and tectonics
E-Mail Grad Students Supervised
Jai Kim, PhD, Univ. of Saskatchewan, 1958. Upper atmospheric physics.
William S. F. Kidd, Professor; PhD, Cambridge, 1974. Tectonics and structural geology
E-Mail Grad Students Supervised
Arthur Z. Loesch, PhD, Chicago, 1973. Geophysical fluid dynamics
Winthrop D. Means, PhD, Berkeley, 1960. Structural geology
E-Mail Grad Students Supervised
Volker A. Mohnen, PhD, Munich, 1966. Air pollution, aerosol physics,cloud chemistry
George W. Putman, Ph.D., 1961, Pennsylvania State University
Grad Students Supervised
Jon T. Scott, PhD, Wisconsin, 1964. Bioclimatology, earth systems analysis

Former Faculty of the Department of Geological Sciences

John M. Bird, Dept of Geological Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853-1504

E-Mail Grad Students Supervised
Kevin Burke, Dept of Geosciences, University of Houston, Houston TX 77204-5503

E-Mail Grad Students Supervised
John Delano, Distinguished Teaching Professor; PhD, Stony Brook University (SUNY), 1977. Igneous and sedimentary geochemistry

E-Mail ES 313 (518) 442-4479
John F. Dewey, Geology Department, University of California, Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616

E-Mail Grad Students Supervised
Paul J. Fox, Department of Geology and Geophysics, MS 3115, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843-3115

E-Mail Grad Students Supervised
T. Mark Harrison, Dept of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 90024

E-Mail Grad Students Supervised
Braddock K. Linsley, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Grad Students Supervised
Akiho Miyashiro, Professor Emeritus - Retired 1991. Deceased 2008. [obituary]
Paul F. Williams, Dept of Geology, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3, Canada


Former Faculty of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Geirmundur Arnason

Deceased 2003
Narayan Gokhale

Deceased 1979
Harry Hamilton

Physical Sciences, Chapman University, Orange, CA 92866. (714) 744-7002

Dick Orville

Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University, 3150 TAMU, College Station, Texas, 77843-3150. (979) 845-9244

Bernard Vonnegut

Deceased 1997
Klaus Dengler

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology
Harald Richter

Bureau of Meteorology, BMRC., PO Box 1289k, Melbourne, Victoria 3001, Australia

Ray Falconer

Forecaster "extraordinaire", deceased 2002

Atmospheric Science

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