Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

DAES Grad Students Win Awards at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Mar. 10, 2014:

Three of our graduate students, Hannah Attard, Alicia Bentley, and Corey Guastini, won awards for talks and posters delivered during last month’s AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

Hannah Attard’s talk was entitled A Climatology of Lower Stratospheric Fronts over North America.

Her advisor, Dr. Andrea  L. Lang was co-author.

Alicia Bentley delivered her talk, Upper-Tropospheric Precursors Associated with Subtropical Cyclone Formation in the North Atlantic Basin (co-authors:  Drs. Daniel Keyser and Lance Bosart).

Corey Guastini was cited for his talk, The Role of an Upper-level Potential Vorticity Anomaly in a Severe Weather Outbreak During MPEX, as well as for his poster, with the title, Progressive Derechos in the Presence of Closed Upper-Level Subtropical Anticyclones.  Dr. Bosart was co-author on both presentations.

Congratulations to all!