Brian A. Crandall

Graduate Student

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
State University of New York - Albany

Greetings from Albany! I am a recently graduated Master's Student from the Atmospheric Science program. My research, conducted under the advisement of Dr. John Molinari, focused on the formation and evolution of monsoon gyres and their role in tropical cyclongenesis in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. This work was completed in the Summer of 2012, and a paper for publication is in review.

I received my bachelor's degree in atmospheric science from Cornell University, where I completed a senior thesis examining the effects of lake surface ice coverage and thickness on lake effect snowband development over the eastern Great Lakes (which also happens to be the region in which I grew up).

After graduation, I worked for marine routing company Applied Weather Technology Inc. as a route analyst technician, before returning to Albany to work as a Data Manager/Statistician for the Atmospheric Science Research Center, located at CNSE Albany (a.k.a. Albany Nanotech).

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