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Current Work

Updated whenever I remember that I do in fact actually have a website!

July 26, 2018
Presented preliminary results at the AMS Mountain Met 2018 conference in Santa Fe, NM. You can see a recorded version of the presentation here! The presentation also won an award! The current focus now is preparing several more model runs looking at soil moisture impacts on precipitation to be presented in a poster at the upcoming GEWEX Convection Permitting Climate Modeling Workshop in September.
April 14, 2018
Getting to work running multi-year seasonal WRF simulations at 4 km across the intermountain Western US centered on the Colorado Headwaters region! Sets of simulations include a control, pseudo-global warming (PGW), PGW w/ CTRL snow variables, and PGW w/ CTRL snow & soil moisture variables. A LOT (!!!) of time has been spent editing the WRF land surface files for the PGW w/ CTRL snow and PGW w/ CTRL soil and snow runs. I've got a writeup on this coming soon! Essentially it allows the user to override the calculation of certain land surface properties within the land surface scheme and instead use data from another source. In this scenario, variables such as snow cover, snow height, and snow water equivalent are not calculated within the model but are instead set equal to an equal sized array of those variables within another grid. There are a lot of considerations when doing this and it's a good forray into better understanding how WRF works.
August 24, 2017
Running WRF simulations of a case study over the Western US to monitor how modifying the initialized snowcover and soil moisture affects diurnal mountain convection. Check out a video showing how the change in model resolution can impact how much diurnal precipitation is produced.

Other Things

Updated as of September 13th, 2017
Plots are tentatively up. Still trying to work on customizing colorbars. I've been trying to keep my Github up to date with new scripts and products that I've been working on. Currently some work is being done on a foolproof Meteogram generator from 1 minute NCEI THREDDS ASOS data.
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