My current research is focused on how supercells form in the outer rainbands of Tropical Cyclones. Specifically looking at how models predict and develop rotating cells using different microphysics and planetary boundary layer parameterizations.

My Masters thesis is focused on how the NCAR Ensemble predicts rotating and non-rotating supercells in the outer rainbands of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (2017) and how well the ensemble captures the rainband structure of these storms.

Past research has focused on, precipitation events associated with terrain-generated convergence in the Mohawk and Hudson River valleys of New York. This project elaborates on channeled flow in the Mohawk and Husdon River Valleys.

Another research interest of mine is University Administation, I am the lead author on a publication currently in review titled The Financial Dilemma of Students Pursuing an Atmospheric Science Graduate Degree in the United States.