About me

My interest in weather started when I moved from Panama to the United States six years ago. Since I grew up in the tropics, I never had the opportunity to experience any interesting weather besides isolated thunderstorms. However, now living in the Northeast, I have had the opportunity to experience new types of weather such as snow. Fascinated by the variety of weather in the U.S., I started to investigate why it snows here and not in Panama. During this investigation of the differences in the weather between the tropics and midlatitudes, I found out that the weather that happens in these two places may be connected. Since I discovered this, I knew that studying weather would become more than just an interest; I would want to make it into a career.

After moving to the U.S. from Panama, I had a significant challenge to face: the language barrier. Many people laughed and discriminated against me, telling me that because I could not speak English, I could not fulfill my goals to become successful in life, get a good job, and have a happy family. People thought I would not be able to pass school or any of the New York State Regents Exams (statewide standardized examinations in core high school subjects required for a Regents Diploma, similar to the final exams we have in college), but I proved them wrong. During my first five months in the U.S., I worked very hard to improve my English, determined to achieve all that I could. My grades improved from a 75 to a 93 in a year, and I passed my English Regents Exam with an 88, one of the highest scores in my school. I even took Advanced Placement classes in biology, English, calculus, and Spanish. After only two and a half years in this country, I graduated early and ranked fourth in my class out of 150 graduates.

Now that I am pursuing the career that I always wanted, I remember these big accomplishments and remind myself that even when other people did not think I could excel, I had the determination to pursue a better life for myself. I learned that by working hard, anything in life is possible and I have the willpower to accomplish what I set my mind to. While in college, I have looked back at my high school experiences as motivation when times are hard. I know there will be challenges, both in life and throughout my career, where results from a research project may not be as expected; however, with hard work and an open mind, anything that needs to be done can be accomplished. I believe that through sharing the hardships that lead to my accomplishments, other people will be able to learn from it and see the determination that has brought me this far.