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MOS and Current Information pages for PA, NJ, upstate NY, and now HOU!
Continuously-updating NCEP maps I looped together...
0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z  | GFS: 0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z  |  NAM vs. GFS: 0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z

                    Model trends           MSLP/Thck        500Ht/Vort        850Ht/Temp
                          NAM               0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z    0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z    0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z

   0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z    0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z    0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z


ECMWF Trend Loops 12z Runs 0z Runs Past 3 Runs
(e-Wall graphics) Updates @ 21Z Updates @ 5Z Updates @ 5/21Z
GGEM Trend Loops Past 3 Runs Past 3 Runs 0z Runs 0z runs
Env Can / 7 days
Updates @ 5/18Z
e-Wall / 3 days
Updates @ 9/16Z
e-Wall / 10 days
Updates @ 14z
metrocentre / 10 days
Updates @ 10z
More Trend Loops NAM Trend GFS Trend GFS 10-day GFS/CMC Ens Trend
  e-Wall / 84 hours
Updates @ 4/10/16/22Z
e-Wall / 5 days
Updates @ 5/11/17/23Z
Unisys Weather
Updates @ 1130Z
e-Wall / 16 days!
Updates @ 12Z


Medium Range 0z Model Comparison (NAM/GFS/GGEM/EC/NGPS/UK)
Medium Range 12z Model Comparison (GFS/GGEM/EC) 

NAM/GFS/GGEM/UK Short-Range Comparison: 0z 12z

NAM/RSM/RGEM Eastern U.S. Comparison: 0z 12z

NAM/GFS Eastern U.S. Comparison: 0z 6z 12z 18z

NAM/GFS Central U.S. Comparison: 0z 6z 12z 18z

** Note: Any loops using e-Wall graphics are subject to any e-Wall errors **

GFS/NAM Sounding Selection Page for sites across the country

Model sites More Info


NCEP 84hr
Unisys weather: 60hrs (no 6/18z)
DuPage: 84hrs, NE Maps, crit thick
Banding Diagnostics/Frontogenesis
Snow ratio probabilities (NAM/GFS)

 PSU New Java Ensemble Viewer
HPC Frontogenesis/Banding Page

Cross-Sections, Skew-T's, P-type
Bob Hart's


Create your own sounding:
Air Resource Laboratory: READY

Tropical Weather
e-Wall Tropical Page

Bob Hart's FSU Page (various models)
Crownweather (One-stop shop for all info)
CIMMS (Satellite-based shear, etc)
NRL Monterey (Satellite)
CSU's Tropical Cyclone Guidance Products
Cuban Radars | Mexican Radars
Tons of tropical info @
Miami U. of Ohio

Penn State | NWS CTP

Texas A&M: Text Weather Utility
PSU Eyewall (GFSx MOS)

Make your own maps from...
Plymouth State

Model Loop Sites
Jim Little's Model Compare Grid
John Tenhoeve's Weather Page

GFS     NCEP: 384hrs
Unisys weather: 5 days
Dupage: 120hrs, crit thick
CDC: Ensembles
RUC   NCEP: hourly runs
ECMWF   Unisys weather - 7 day (12z)
10-day from (12z)
10-day from (00z)
ECMWF Webpage - 12z @ 2pm!


Env Canada: 0z/12z - 6day
Env Canada: 10day Ensemble 0z 10d, 12z 6day
RGEM      Environment Canada: 0/12z 48hrs
MM5   Stony Brook
NWS Buffalo (precip loop)
WRF Stony Brook Ensembles
5km FSL-NMM Experiment
NCEP SREF animator
UKMET  Weather.cod: 72hrs
FSU Tropics: 144 hrs
metrocentre: 144 hrs
NOGAPS  FSU Tropics: 144 hrs

Updated 8/24/2006