Teaching Materials

Future Faculty Leadership Council

From 2013-2014 I served on the Future Faculty Leadership Council (FFLC) at the Unviersity at Albany. The FFLC's mission is "to create successful faculty members by empowering UAlbany graduate students to enter the job market and progress through the enure process with confidence." As part of the FFLC, I not only have opportunities to learn about the job market and being a successful graduate student and facutly member but I am also able to help other graduate students also receive these same opportunities. Responsibilite as member of the FFLC include: writing at least one blog post a semester on the FFLC website, organizing a departmental workshop a semester, helping organize a University-wide workshop each semester, and attending FFLC meetings.

Blog Posts

Below are the blog posts I have written regarding graduate students and professional development.