Tomer Burg
Graduate Student - University at Albany, SUNY
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  • This page lists my prior research experience from my undergraduate studies, as well as my current graduate level work.
    ** More coming soon **

    Graduate & Undergraduate Research
    RAP Precip Types

    The previous version of the Rapid Refresh (RAP) model had a bias to significantly under-represent ice pellets in the model grid. This study asseses whether upgrades to the RAP have improved this bias. Part of a 10-week summer research project at the National Weather Center REU, presented as an oral presentation at the 2016 AMS Annual Meeting.

    Late-Summer Heat Waves

    Some of Albany's most significant heat waves on record occurred during the late summer. This study analyzes these late-summer heat waves and their origins more in-depth, and whether there is a secondary peak in heat wave frequency in the late summer. Presented as an oral presentation at the 2016 Northeast Storm Conference.

    Cyclone Tracking

    My current research as part of a NWS/CSTAR project focuses on applying forecast track and intensity diagnostics to high-impact Northeast winter storms, utilizing objective identification and tracking of mid-latitude extratropical cyclones.