Here is the Quick Look data you requested

The Data originates at the National Weather Service, and is made available here by the UAlbany Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Surface Observations

KCBE 251045Z AUTO 36003KT 7SM BR BKN007 16/16 A2993 RMK AO2 T01610156=
KFDK 251047Z 00000KT 10SM CLR 18/18 A2987=
KNAK 251054Z AUTO 00000KT 7SM CLR 21/20 A2986 RMK AO2 SLP114 T02060200=
KADW 251055Z AUTO 19003KT 10SM CLR 18/17 A2984 RMK AO2 SLP110 T01760166 $=
KBWI 251054Z 00000KT 10SM BKN250 19/18 A2985 RMK AO2 SLP108 T01890178=
KDMH 251053Z AUTO 22/18 A2986 RMK AO1 SLP111 T02220178=
KFME 251049Z AUTO 00000KT 7SM CLR 15/15 A2989 RMK AO1=
KHGR 251053Z 00000KT 8SM CLR 19/17 A2988 RMK AO2 SLP122 T01890167=
KMTN 251054Z 00000KT 10SM CLR 18/18 A2987=
KNHK 251052Z AUTO 26003KT 4SM BR CLR 21/19 A2987 RMK AO2 SLP113 T02060189 $=
KOXB 251053Z AUTO 00000KT 1/4SM FG VV002 19/18 A2986 RMK AO2 SLP110 T01940183=
KSBY 251054Z 00000KT 1/4SM FG VV001 16/16 A2986 RMK AO2 SLP114 T01610161=