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    To use: click an entry to see more information in right panel. Double click that entry in the right panel to see more details. If a "+" sign is seen, click the day to see more entries scheduled for that day.

    Entries to be added by event/activity/group/disco leaders: Monday Seminar Series, Monday Roundtables, Tropical Climate/Intraseasonal Map Disco, Tropical Lunch, Climate Group, Map Disco, Cyclone Research Group, DAES CG, ASRC Colloquia, Masters/Ph.D Defenses, Prospectus Presentations, Department Events (e.g., Recruitment, Earth Day, Outreach)

    Sync with Google Calendar: Click Here to show/hide instructions on how to sync this Outlook calendar to your Google calendar.
    How to add the calendar for viewing purposes (any address)
    1. In Outlook calendar app, click “Add calendar” and in the drop down menu, click “from directory”
    2. Type and click open

    How to add the calendar for viewing purposes (Other email clients)
    1. In your calendar application, find out how to add an internet calendar, subscribe to a calendar, or add a ICS file
    2. Then given the opportunity to enter a URL or online .ics file, enter the following:

    One more step to sync calendar to phone:
    1. To have the google calendar sync to your phone, go to this link after you have added the DAES Calendar and select under "Shared Calendars" the DAES Calendar.

    Note: Some calendar applications take a while to update (on the order of ~12-24 hours for some).

    Additional Info: Have an event you would like showcased on the calendar other than those listed above? Email with event details. Please put [Webmaster] as the first term in your subject line.

    If you sync this calendar with your Google calendar, there may be up to a day of delay. For events scheduled within the next day, please check this website.