Principal Investigator#

Brian Rose#

Brian Rose

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Fearless leader of the Rose research group! I’m passionate about science, education, math, the Earth, open-source software, bicycles, building communities, music (stringed instruments especially), food, drink, and family. When I’m not working, I’m basically a hobbit. You can download my full CV here.

Graduate Students#

Christopher Cardinale#

Christopher Cardinale

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My research interests include the variability and vertical structure of the atmospheric energy transport and its role in polar warming on synoptic and climate timescales, and tropospheric-stratospheric coupling. Outside of work, I enjoy music, disc golf, second breakfast, and identifying trees while hiking.

Fangze Zhu#

Fangze Zhu

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I am enthusiastic about climate science in general. My research interests include multiple equilibria in the coupled climate system and causes of glacial-interglacial cycles. Using a hierarchy of climate models and the theories of nonlinear dynamical systems, my goal is to understand how every component of the climate system has worked together to produce the large climatic transitions in the Earth’s history. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, walking, violin and clouds.

Yuan-Jen Lin#

Yuan-Jen Lin

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I enjoy understanding the processes related to large-scale climate dynamics and climate change. My research interests include (1) uncertainty in climate sensitivity and its relation to the ocean (2) interactions between ocean, clouds, and radiation (3) time-evolving ocean circulation under climate change. My full CV can be found here.

Robert Ford#

Robert Ford

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I am generally interested in climate change, dynamics, and modeling. My current research involves using climate models to investigate the pattern effect, which refers to the coupling of patterns of ocean heat uptake (and sea surface temperature), radiative feedbacks, and climate sensitivity. Besides science, I enjoy playing guitar, bass, and video games, as well as reading fantasy and philosophy.

Li Zhuo#

Li Zhuo

I have a strong interest in the processes and feedbacks taking place in the atmosphere and ocean. Currently, I focus on the rapid warming taking place over the desert. My goal is to explore the mechanisms responsible for it and the impacts this warming has on the regional and global climate. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, travelling and photography.


Name Position in the Rose group Where are they now?
Cameron Rencurrel Ph.D. Student, 2014-2020 Postdoc, Texas A&M
Lance Rayborn MS student, 2015-2016 Research Associate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Duan-Heng Chang Visiting research intern, summer 2019 Undergradute student at National Taiwan University
Chyi-Rong Tsai Visiting research intern, summer 2015 Research Assistant, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Deborah McGlynn Undergradute thesis, Fall 2014 MS student at SUNY ESF