Current Projects

High-resolution reconstruction of the South American monsoon history from isotopic proxies and forward modeling
NSF-P2C2 (AGS-1303828); 2013-2017
in collaboration with Douglas R. Hardy (Univ. of Massachusetts)
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Andean Climate Change Interamerican Observatory Network (ACCION)
US Department of State, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (S-LMAQM-11-GR-086), 2011-2016
in collaboration with CECS, Univ. de Chile, SENAMHI Peru, IGP, CONDESAN, Imperial College (UK), Univ. Zuerich (CH), Univ. Innsbruck (A). ACCION flyer
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Multi-scale analysis of stable isotope - climate relationships in tropical proxy records
NSF-P2C2, (AGS-1003690), 2010-2014
in collaboration with Allegra LeGrande (NASA-GISS)

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Completed Projects

High-frequency variations in the Indian Ocean Dipole during the past millennium reconstructed from East African and Indonesian lake sediment cores
NOAA-CCDD, (NA09OAR4310090), 2009-2012
in collaboration with Jim Russell and Jongsong Huang (Brown Univ)

Impact and consequences of predicted climate change on Andean glaciation and runoff
NSF-Hydrology/Climate Dynamics (EAR-0519415/EAR-0836215), 2006-2010
in collaboration with Georg Kaser (Univ of Innsbruck)

Past and present climatic controls on the stable isotope composition of precipitation at low latitude proxy sites (Collaborative research)
NSF Earth System History (ATM-0317693), 2003-2006
in collaboration with Martin Werner (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven), Mark Chandler (NASA-GISS) and Richard Healy (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Climatic Conditions in East Africa and Arabia Implications for paleoclimatic interpretations
NOAA-OGP (NA030AR4310046), 2003-2006

Past and modern variability in summer and winter rainfall on the Pacific slope of the central Andes (Collaborative research)
NSF-ESH (ATM-0214285), 2002-2005
in collaboration with Julio Betancourt (USGS) and Jay Quade (Univ. of Arizona)

Stable isotope variability in precipitation at low-latitude sites: An observational and modeling study (Collaborative research)
NSF-Paleoclimate (ATM-9909201), 2000-2002
in collaboration with R.S. Bradley (PI, Univ. of Massachusetts)

Precipitation variability in the inter-tropical Andes - Climatological studies for paleoclimatic reconstruction
NSF-Climate Dynamics (ATM-9707698); 1997-1999; $107,848
in collaboration with R.S. Bradley (PI, Univ. of Massachusetts)

Climate variability in the tropical and subtropical Andes
Swiss-NSF (8220-050401), 1997-1999

Climate Change in the tropical Andes
Swiss-NSF (Postdoctoral fellowship) 1996-1997