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The Scientific Program of this year’s Cyclone Workshop  has been prepared.


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We received over 100 submissions for presentations at the Cyclone Workshop, a notable increase over previous “East Coast” workshops.  We have condensed the program by eliminating intrasession discussion periods, creating theme-based evening sessions that contain some scientific presentations, and introducing a evening poster session.


More information concerning the evening sessions will be available shortly.  In the meantime, if you have questions about the schedule, please contact us.

Scientific Program

Evening Sessions

The evening sessions at this year's Cyclone Workshop have been constructed as an integral part of the Scientific Program, in order to accommodate the large number of submissions that we received. Each theme-based session has a different format, which we hope will make them both enjoyable and informative.


This Sandy-themed evening session follows a set of Sandy-centric talks in the early afternoon. A set of four 20-min evening talks are planned, offering a unique set of perspectives on the event: lifecycle analysis, NWP, global impacts and the influence of climate change. After the talks, Lance Bosart will lead a discussion on our understanding of the storm and its legacy.

Don't know what UTLS means? Then this evening session is for you! There is a growing awareness of the importance of stratospheric processes to synoptic meteorology and medium-range predictability. A set of stratospheric experts will give short courses on UTLS diagnostics and present their latest research work during this educationally-oriented evening session.


The tools of the synoptic meteorology trade have evolved significantly since the first Cyclone Workshop, whether the grumpy old dudes like to admit it or not. Do we really need to learn how to smooth a manual analysis, or is there an app for that? Ron McTaggart-Cowan (v2.0) will lead a crowd-sourced discussion on the topic of obsolete and next-gen techniques in our field.

"One 'composite analysis' for Madame? Might I suggest a Beaujolais Nouveau with that?" It's a poster session done right, or perhaps a wine tasting gone terribly wrong. This evening poster session is a new addition to the Cyclone Workshop that will give presenters lots of time to discuss new results with their only-slightly-inebriated peers.

Sandy Retrospective

UTLS 101

Grease Pencils to Crowd Sourcing

Wine, Cheese and Posters