Cyclone Workshop

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Our Venue

The Bavarian region of Germany is known luxury cars, Lederhosen, Oktoberfest, a dizzying selection of sausages,  and probably enough beer for the 19th Cyclone Workshop.

Double Occupancy Cells (including meals)

Sharing a room is a great way to save a bit of money during the Workshop.  If you are having trouble finding someone to share with, contact us and we will try to match you up with another attendee.

98.50€/person per night, double occupancy

Single Occupancy Cells (including meals)

The venue for the Cyclone Workshop this year will do its best to accommodate as many single-occupancy requests as possible.

133€ per night

Kloster Seeon

For its first trip abroad, the Cyclone Workshop has landed at Kloster Seeon, a former monastery located in the Bavarian region of Germany.  The abbey sits on its own private island, connected by a footbridge with the nearby village.  With 89 monastic cells (yes, “cells”… just imagine what their marketing

department thinks of that) for single or double occupancy, Kloster Seeon will be able to accommodate the Cyclone Workshop in unique style.

Getting There

There are a number of ways to get from Munich International Airport to the Cyclone Workshop venue in Seeon

The conference hotel is located in Seeon, Germany, about an hour southeast of Munich International Airport.  If you don’t feel like channeling Michael Shumacher on the Autobahn, Munich airport is well connected to the local train system.  Check out these instructions for details that will get you to the venue in style …



Reservation: You don’t need to be a monk …


                            but it helps. Single and double rooms per night are 133€ and 153€, respectively, including all meals. To make a reservation, contact the venue by email ( and mention the “Cyclone Workshop”. Please provide the contact information of both people if you want to share a double room and the bill will be split.

Workshop registration fee: 111€

Registration payment information will be sent to participants before the 15 June deadline.

153€ per night, single occupancy