Contingency Analysis of 850 hPa temperatures
Frame Controls: Temperature Contingency Maps

For a description of the algorithm used to diagnose the modes applied as predictors, see
Roundy, P.E., and C.J. Schreck, 2009: A combined wave-number-frequency
and time-extended EOF approach for tracking the progress of modes
of large-scale organized tropical convection. Q.J. Roy. Met. Soc. 135:161-173.

OLR anomalies are shaded in W/m^-2. 300 hPa geopotential height anomalies
are shown every 10m, with the 0 contour omitted (negative in blue and positive
in red).

This product is experimental and subject to frequent adjustments.
Use results at your own risk.

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Processed OLR data

The algorithm for extracting the OLR anomaly signals is described here.