Graduate students supervised by Professor G.W. Putman at the University at Albany

Peddada A.   1972 MSc 
Petrology of the Nemeiben Lake Ultramafic and Associated Nickel-Sulphide Deposits

Hoffman M.A.   1975 MSc 
A Study of Some Petrologic and Structural Aspects of the East Dover Ultramafic Bodies, South Central Vermont

Young, J.R.   1980 MSc 
Saratoga: the bubbles of reputation and their implications for an embryonic rift system in the upper Hudson River Valley

Hall P.C.   1984 MSc (shared supervision with W.D. Means)
Some aspects of deformation fabrics along the Highland/Lowland boundary, northwest Adirondacks, New York State

Mihalich J.   1987 MSc 
Granitic pegmatites in the southeastern Adirondacks: their use as indicators of temperature, pressure, and fluid conditions during a late stage of the Grenville Orogeny

Tice, S.  1992 MSc 
A paleoseismic investigation of the McGregor Fault, east-central New York

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