Graduate students supervised by Professor S.E. Delong at the University at Albany

White C.A.   1979 MSc 
Petrology and Mineral Chemistry of some Jan Mayen volcanics

Stroup J.   1981 MSc 
Geologic investigations in the Cayman Trough and the nature of the plutonic foundation of the oceanic crust

Sullivan J.W.   1981 MSc
Some chemical and mineralogical aspects of plutonic rocks from the North Arm Mountain Massif, Bay Of Islands Ophiolite, Newfoundland

Ach J.   1982 MSc 
The Petrochemistry of the Ankara Volcanics, Central Turkey

Wolf D.   1987 MSc 
Identification of endmembers for magma mixing in Little Sitkin Volcano, Alaska

Dyer J.    1987 MSc 
Petrology of the Kula Volcanic Field, Western Turkey

Eberle, U.  1990 MSc 
Application of a trace element fractionation model to cumulate gabbroic xenoliths of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Gaetani, G.A.  1990 MSc 
Petrology and major element geochemistry of basaltic glasses from the Blanco Trough, northeast Pacific

Spell, T.L.  1991 PhD (shared supervision with T.M. Harrison)
The application of microanalytical techniques in isotope geochemistry: 1. Single crystal 40Ar/39Ar dating of rhyolites in the Jemez Volcanic Field, New Mexico, with implications for evolution of the magma system. 2. Towards development of a Laser Microprobe Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer for isotopic analysis of geologic samples

Vogel, S.  1993 MSc   
Trace-element modelling of melting in spinel peridotites

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