Tomer Burg
Graduate Student - University at Albany, SUNY
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    This page is a temporary placeholder for archived snowstorm accumulation maps. These maps are contoured by hand using an aggregate of sources (CoCoRAHS, COOP, WBAN/ASOS) and NWS public storm reports when available (generally from 2000 onward). An interpolated map of accumulations from these snow observations, as well as the NOHRSC analysis when available, is used as a first guess, with snow reports quality controlled to remove outliers unlikely to be associated with snow bands and/or topography. High elevation with lack of snow data is accounted for by factoring in the correlation between snow and elevation, and the predominant wind direction. Maps before 2000 are considered experimental, applying biases of modern snow-recording sites prior to their existence.

    How to use:
    Use the dropdown menu to select a winter season to view available events for, and use the right/left keyboard arrows to toggle between events. Click on the image to enlarge. If available, an experimental snow impact category (1 through 5) will be listed next to the event date.

    Note: Preliminary snow maps will be created for the ongoing winter (2019-2020) once more data is available.

    Select a minimum category threshold:

    Select a season: