Graduate students supervised by Professor K.C. Burke at the University at Albany

Grippi J.  1978 MSc 
Geology of the Lucea Inlier, Western Jamaica

Sengor A.M.C.  1979 MSc (shared supervision with J.F. Dewey)
Geometry and Kinematics of Continental Deformation in Zones of Collision: Examples from Central Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

Pindell J.   1981 MSc 
Permo-Triassic reconstruction of Western Pangea and the evolution of the Gulf Of Mexico-Caribbean region

Mann, P.   1983 PhD 
Cenozoic tectonics of the Caribbean: Structural and stratigraphic studies in Jamaica and Hispaniola

Klimetz M.P.   1983 MSc 
The Pre-Tertiary geology and Mesozoic tectonic evolution of Eastern China, Southeast Asia and adjacent regions

Cooper C.   1983 MSc 
Geology of the Fondo Negro region, Dominican Republic

Baldwin S.   1984 MSc (shared supervision with T.M. Harrison)
Fission track dating of detrital zircons from the Scotland Sandstones, Barbados, West Indies

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