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Today is Friday July 09, 2021.
The RMM index data are not presently available.
Weak La Nina conditions are in place, with Nino 3.4 equal to -0.70C.

I am a professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at the University at Albany, with interests in climatology and meteorology, oceanography, geology, astronomy, art, mountain climbing, cooking, gardening, history, languages, and agriculture.

My main research focus is analysis of observations of waves in the tropical atmosphere and ocean, and the impacts of these waves on global weather and climate. Examples of my most important research questions include:

How do wave and climate modes interact to influence the variability of moist
deep convection in the tropics?

How do these waves interact with the global atmospheric circulation?

How do these waves interact to enhance or suppress the development of
tropical cyclones?

How do tropical intraseasonal oscillations, atmospheric waves, and related westerly wind bursts interact to influence the development and demise of
El Nino conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean?

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