Research Highlights

 Study: Decreasing Wildfires Observed Over Central Africa (press released by UAlbay on Sep-24-2020)

 Decreasing wildfires observed over Central Africa (featured by on Sep-16-2020)

A Longer Dry Season in the Congo Rainforest (featured by NASA on Jul-3-2019)

Study: Longer Summer Dry Season Observed in Congo Rainforest (press released by UAlbay on Jul-2-2019)

 Modeling Wind Power’s Impact on Local Climate (press released by UAlbany on Jan-11-2018)

 Solving the Puzzle: Drought in Central Africa (press released by UAlbany on Dec-14-2016)

 “Heart of Drought” featured in Sensing Our Planet, NASA Earth Science Research 2015 (featured by NASA on October 13, 2015)

Potential Impacts of Long-term Drought on Congo Rainforest (press released by Nature, NASA, and UAlbany on Apr-23-2014)

Possible Impacts of Wind Farms on Local Land Surface Temperature (press released by Nature, NASA, NSF and UAlbany on Apr-30-2012)

Satellite Images Reveal Link Between Urban Growth, Changing Rainfall Patterns (press released by Stanford University on Jul-2-2007)

Zhou et al. 2001: One of the Most Cited Papers in the Field of Geosciences
(acknowledged by Thomson-ISI® on Sep-01-2005)

Heating Up: Study Shows Rapid Urbanization in China Warming the Regional Climate
Faster than Other Urban Areas (press released by GT on Jun-22-2004)

Vegetation's Effect on Summer Warming May Not Last (highlighted by AGU on Nov-15-2003)

Scientific American Top Science Stories of 2001 (released on Dec-24-2001)

Biomass Carbon Stocks, Sources and Sinks (press released by NASA, EFI and BU on Dec-18-2001)

Earth is Becoming a Greener Greenhouse (press released by NASA, AGU and BU on Sep-04-2001)