The alien lurking in the globe?
animated gif - Nam topo and split ozone hole alien - link to NASA Goddard ozone hole site
Wait a few seconds, please, for the alien to show up....if a rather striking image of the split ozone hole on 24 Sept. 2002 does not appear (because your browser does not process animated gif images) click this link. The atmospheric science of the ozone hole is of great significance - the first unequivocally clear evidence of global-scale and detrimental alteration of the planetary environment by us, and the first more-or-less successful international agreement to stop doing the thing that causes the damage, despite it being profitable to some.
Now, how about the imminent peak and subsequent decline in global oil production (only a few years away, if not here now);
                                atmospheric CO2 increase from fossil fuel burning, global warming, and the consequences:
                                     sea-level rise, desertification, ocean acidification, among others;
                                and catastrophically rapid destruction of the remaining natural environment, and runaway extinction of plant and animal species,.......?

To understand the historical and physical context of these issues, and why they are the most important things all of us on this planet face now, and in the nearest future, you need to know something about the geological sciences, in particular the history of life from the fossil record, and the origins and finite extent of hydrocarbon energy resources, and that they are non-renewable except on a time scale of millions of years. Why is this subject no longer being offered at the University at Albany? Good question - do ask the reponsible Albany administrator exactly that........

Click on the image or this link to go to the NASA Goddard page explaining the ozone hole and the image.

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