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The University at Albany does not now offer courses and degrees in this field of knowledge.
This web page and those linked below it on this website are mainly offered for the historical record, and for the archival information they contain about the former Department of Geological Sciences, and the people who contributed to it

In the current Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences,
go here for information for graduate study in climate and environmental systems,
and here for the undergraduate program in Environmental Sciences.
NY Capital District earth science seminars:
  HMPGA talks     DAES/ASRC seminars

If you are seeking a Geological Sciences program within the SUNY system, you will no longer find it at Albany. The Stony Brook, Binghamton, and Buffalo university centers offer graduate study in Geological Sciences. At SUNY 4-year colleges, New Paltz, Oneonta, and Plattsburgh, among others, maintain (as of 2017) undergraduate programs in Geology. Within the NY Capital District, two introductory geology courses are offered at HVCC; in private colleges, undergraduate programs are found at Union College, and RPI; College of St Rose has closed admission to its Geology and Earth Science programs as of December 2015. Students intending to qualify as high school earth science teachers are recommended to contact the program at Union College for geology courses; otherwise the nearest SUNY colleges offering significant education in the geological sciences are those mentioned above.  

Selected Internet Resources for Geological Sciences

Faculty and Staff of the former Department of Geological Sciences (1968-1996) and Geological Sciences Program (1996-2008)

The history and former distinction of the Geological Sciences at Albany

Honors and Awards to former members of Geological Sciences at Albany

Webpage and/or email listings for some former students in Geological Sciences at Albany

MS theses and
PhD dissertations completed in the
Geological Sciences
at Albany;
                             links to abstract pages (which contain links to maps and text pdf files)

Geological maps completed in the Albany Geological Sciences Program

Win Means' Rock analog deformation movies 
                    Rock analog deformation experiments - 64 images and notes

Geological field trip localities in the NY Capital Region

Information on the former Undergraduate and Graduate Geological Sciences Programs at the University at Albany

Research Seminar speaker listings 1975-1994  1995-2008

Department of Atmospheric & Enviromental Sciences
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