Links to some selected geological Internet websites

Oil and natural gas resources

Hubbert Peak of Oil Production
The Association For The Study Of Peak Oil & Gas


National Earthquake Information Center, USGS
   Index page
   Index page for recent earthquakes
   List of date, time and place of latest month’s large earthquakes
   Moment tensors [first motion solutions]
   World and regional earthquake distribution maps
   New York Earthquakes [USGS]
Eastern North America Earthquakes [Weston Observatory] -


USGS Tsunami page
University of Washington tsunami pages
NOAA PMEL Tsunami Research Program
             Indonesian tsunami of 26/12/04 index page | open ocean wave height | travel time | quicktime animation [5MB]
Active Fault Research Center Japan NIAIST - Indian Ocean tsunami maps | animated gif [1MB]
Satellite images of Sumatra [before/after tsunami comparisons]
The Tsunami Risks Project


Volcano World
    Current Volcanic Eruptions
    How Volcanos Work

Smithsonian Institution
    Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network
    World Volcanos
    World volcanos map
    Global volcano lists

The Electronic Volcano

Fossils; Dinosaurs

Fossils -   Palaeos - the trace of life on Earth
                UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
                Extinctions Fossil Company

Dinosaurs -
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
The Dinosaur Hall, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Natural History Museum, London [activities for schools]

Plate Tectonics and Earth History

Paleomap Project
Global Earth History
Sea Floor spreading, Mid-ocean ridges  [spreading rate calculator]
Geological Time Scale

New York Geology

New York Geology Resource Page
New York State Oil & Gas well database
Geological Maps of parts of New York and adjacent states (made by University at Albany students)
The architecture and geology of the University at Albany campus


NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
    Global Warming
    North American Drought

Planetary Geology

Google Earth  (download necessary before viewing)
JPL/NASA Solar System pages
Windows to the Universe (UCAR)
NASA Earth Observatory

Impact Craters and meteorites

Terrestrial Impact Structures
World Map
Meteorite online museum

Gems and Minerals

Smithsonian Institution: From Crystal to Gem
                                   Gems and Minerals    minerals
The Mineral Gallery mineral listing
Mineralogy Database  [recommended - 4,442+ minerals and their properties]
Mineral and locality database [ 41,801 mineral names (inc. synonyms, varieties, etc)]

Geological Organisations

American Geologic Institute
American Geophysical Union
Geological Society of America
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
U S Geological Survey

Internet sites for geological links

Yahoo! Science: Earth Sciences
EInet- Geosciences
University at Albany Virtual Library - Geology Internet links

Science Education

National Center for Science Education
GeoScience: K-12 Resources
Regents Earth Science and Regents Physics Web Resource (Michael P. Klimetz)
The Earth Scientist Home Page

Field Trips, Expeditions for the public

Geological Society of America Geoventures

Earth Science Pictures

Earth Science Picture of the Day
NASA Visible Earth
Earth Science World ImageBank (AGI)

Geoscience humour

Geoscience-related humour

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