PhD Dissertations completed in the Geological Sciences Program, University at Albany

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Nesbit, B. 1976  [+] [o] 
Structural studies in the northern Chester Dome of east-central Vermont

Shibata, T. 1976  [+] [o] 
Petrology of the Oceanographer Fracture Zone (35ºN 35ºW)

Karson, J.A. 1977  [+] [o] 
Geology of the northern Lewis Hills, western Newfoundland

Gregg, W.J. 1979  [+] [o] 
The development of foliations in low, medium and high grade Metamorphic Tectonites

Nelson, K.D. 1979  [+] [o] 
Geology of the Badger Bay-Seal Bay Area, north-central Newfoundland

Bosworth, W.P. 1980  [+] [o] 
Structural geology of the Fort Miller, Schuylerville and portions of the Schaghticoke 7 1/2' quadrangles, eastern New York,
and its implications in Taconic geology; and experimental and theoretical studies of solution transfer in deforming heterogeneous systems

Casey, J.F. 1980  [+] [o] 
The geology of the southern part of the North Arm Mountain Massif, Bay of Islands Ophiolite Complex, Western Newfoundland
with application to ophiolite obduction and the genesis of the plutonic portions of oceanic crust and upper mantle

Rosencrantz, E.J. 1980  [+] [o] 
The geology of the northern part of North Arm Massif, Bay of Islands Ophiolite Complex, Newfoundland:
with application to upper oceanic crust lithology, structure, and genesis

Thiessen, R. 1980  [o] 
Theoretical and computer assisted studies in tectonics, structural geology and isotope dating 

Hempton, M.R. 1982  [+] [o] 
Structure of the Northern Margin of the Bitlis Suture Zone near Sivrice, Southeastern Turkey 

Sengor, A.M.C. 1982  [+] [o] 
The geology of the Albula Pass area, eastern Switzerland in its Tethyan setting: Palaeo-Tethyan factor in Neo-Tethyan opening

Swanson, M.T. 1982  [+] [o] 
The structure and tectonics of Mesozoic dike swarms in eastern New England

Bobyarchick, A.B. 1983  [+] [o] 
Structure of the Brevard Zone and Blue Ridge near Lenoir, North Carolina,
with observations on oblique crenulation cleavage and a preliminary theory for irrotational structures in shear zones

Mann, P. 1983  [+] [o] 
Cenozoic tectonics of the Caribbean: Structural and stratigraphic studies in Jamaica and Hispaniola 

Rowley, D.B. 1983  [+] [o] 
Operation of the Wilson Cycle in western New England during the Early Paleozoic:
with emphasis on the stratigraphy, structure, and emplacement of the Taconic Allochthon

Bradley, D.C. 1984  [+] [o] 
Late Paleozoic strike slip tectonics of the Northern Appalachians

Jessell, M. 1986  [o]
Dynamic grain boundary migration and fabric development: observations, experiments and simulations

Loureiro, D. 1986
Electrochemical determination of the oxygen fugacity of mantle-derived ilmenite megacrysts

Baldwin, S.L. 1988  [o] 
Thermochronology of a subduction complex in western Baja California

Foster, D.A. 1989  [o] 
Mesozoic and Cenozoic thermal history of the eastern Mojave Desert, California and western Arizona,
with emphasis on the Old Woman Mountains area and the Chemehuevi Metamorphic Core Complex

Norrell, G.T. 1989  [+] [o] 
Structural geology of the Josephine Peridotite, northern California: implications for structural processes at slow spreading centers

Wang, P. 1989  [o] 
Progressive metamorphism of pelitic schists from the Tri-State, MA, CT and NY, area:
a field and theoretical analysis of Garnet + Chlorite + Chloritoid + Biotite assemblages

Copeland, P. 1990  [o] 
Cenozoic Tectonic History of the southern Tibetan Plateau and eastern Himalaya: Evidence from 40Ar/39Ar Dating

Idleman, B.D. 1990  [+] [o] 
Geology and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Coastal Complex near Trout River and Lark Harbour, western Newfoundland

Ree, J-H. 1991  [o]
High temperature deformation of octachloropropane: a microstructural study

Spell, T.L. 1991 
The application of microanalytical techniques in isotope geochemistry:
1. Single crystal 40Ar/39Ar dating of rhyolites in the Jemez Volcanic Field, New Mexico, with implications for evolution of the magma system.
2. Towards development of a Laser Microprobe Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer for isotopic analysis of geologic samples

Alexander, R.J. 1992  [+] [o] 
Oceanic faulting and hydrothermal circulation within the crustal sequence of the Josephine Ophiolite, Northwest California and Southwest Oregon, USA

Pan, Y. 1993  [+] [o] 
Unroofing and structural evolution of the southern Lhasa Terrane, Tibetan Plateau:
implications for the continental collision between India and Asia

Park, Y., 1994   [o]
Microstructural evolution in crystal-melt systems

Hanson, B., 1995  [+] [o] 
A geochemical study of rhyolitic melt inclusions in igneous phenocrysts from Lower Devonian bentonites

Coulton, A. J., 1995  [+] [o]  
Fault-related oceanic and emplacement-age serpentinization in the Josephine ophiolite of NW California and SW Oregon

Edwards, M.A., 1998  [+] [o]  
Examples of tectonic mechanisms for local contraction and exhumation of the leading edge of India.
Southern Tibet (28-29N; 89-91E) and Nanga Parbat, Pakistan

Kosanke, S. B., 2000  [+] [o]  
The geology, geochronology, structure and geochemistry of the Wild Rogue Wilderness remnant of the Coast Range ophiolite, southwest Oregon
implications for the magmatic and tectonic evolution of the Coast Range ophiolite

Li T., 2000   [o]
Experimental growth of fibers and fibrous veins

Dannenmann, S., 2001  [o]  
A multi-proxy study of planktonic foraminifera to identify past millennial-scale climate variability
in the East Asian Monsoon and the Western Pacific Warm Pool

Ren, L., 2002  [o] 
A study of a multi-century coral stable isotope record from Rarotonga, southwest subtropical Pacific, for the period 1726-1997

Yuan, F., 2003  [o] 
Late Holocene hydrologic and climatic variability in the Walker Lake basin, Nevada and California

Zhu, B.,   2003  [o] 
Sedimentology, petrography, and tectonic significance of Cretaceous to lower Tertiary deposits in the Tingri-Gyantse area, southern Tibet

Li, Y.,  2004
  [+] [o] 
Geological mapping and crustal shortening of central Tibet 

Schoonmaker, A., 2005  [+] [o] 
Convergent and collisional tectonics in parts of Oregon, Maine, and the Vermont/Quebec border

MacDonald, J., 2006  [+] [o] 
Petrology, petrogenesis, and tectonic setting of Jurassic rocks of the central Cascades, Washington, and western Klamath Mountains, California-Oregon

Lim, C., 2007  [+] [o] 
Late structures and strain history accompanying fluid flows in the western Taconic Orogen of the New York-Vermont Appalachians,
and structural geology and tectonic evolution of the Namche Barwa region, Tibet

Marsellos, A., 2008  [+] [o] 
Extension and exhumation of the Hellenic forearc; and radiation damage in zircons

Adhya, S., 2009 
Geochemical fingerprinting of volcanic airfall deposits: A tool in stratigraphic correlation

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