Tropical Cyclone Product Developer and Joint Hurricane Testbed Facilitator at CIRA, Fort Collins in collaboration with the NHC.

Contrary to the DAES people page, I am no longer a Post-Doc at DAES, UAlbany. I'm now at CIRA.
Come see what TC products we have other there or check below to see if my old pages here still work.

This site is for experimental realtime and research maps and side projects. Maps and diagnostics will continue to be produced and hosted here. If something isn't working please email me (at my Albany email) and I'll fix it asap. Any maps on this site are for research purposes and experimental. Most javascript on this site is my own, if you want to use it email me or checkout the bitbucket repo at the bottom of the page.
However, this site will remain as is and hopefully functional for as long as possible.

RealTime Maps

Random Side Projects