ATM 317: In-Class Handouts and Homework Page

In-class assignments, handouts, and homeworks will be posted here
Dates Handout If Due, When?
23 Jan PDF for Day 1 28 Jan
25 Jan Intro Slides --
4 Feb Homework 1 11 Feb
25 Feb Homework 2 4 Mar
29 Mar Homework 3a 1 Apr
5 Apr Homework 3b 10 Apr
10 Apr Homework 4a 15 Apr
19 Apr Homework 4b 24 Apr
26 April Homework 5 1 May
3 May In-class/Homework 6 10 May
14 May In-class/Homework 6 notes -

Links shown/discussed in class will be posted here
Dates Links
mid Feb The Bjerknes' Circulation Theorem: A Historical Perspective From BAMS 2003
mid Feb Lake breeze satellite animation
early Mar 500 hPa: Abs. vorticity and geopotential height
1000-150 hPa Cross Section: Along 45N, potential vorticity, potential temperature, wind normal to the cross section
Sea level pressure: Example of the wave-like structure in the SLP field
late Mar Eddy and mean flow
late Mar Orlanski & Sheldon (1995): Stages in the energetics of baroclinic systems
Early Apr Sutcliffe Development Theory diagnostics
May 3 850 hPa geopotential height and temperature
850 hPa geopotential height, temperature, Q-vectors and omega

If there are any other links or handouts you would like to see on this page, please let the instructor know.