Below are information and links about the current and past courses taught by Andrea Lang

For Non-Majors

ATM 110: Weather & Climate Issues
You can't avoid it, everyone experiences the weather and climate! This course will examine the physics that explains weather and climate variability as well as climate change. The science will inform classroom discussions and projects focused on 21st century issues related to weather and climate here in the US and across the world. Fall 2014 and 2016. Visit the T ATM 110 course page.

AOS 100: Introduction to Weather and Climate
The collection of phenomena we call the weather is the interesting and fascinating subject of this course. As your instructor I hope to motivate you to make the course material personal, how do you own experiences fit in with what we're learning? In lecture we will dissect the weather, including fronts, cyclones, severe weather, and hurricanes, in an intelligent way while keeping in mind our own real world examples.
Taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Spring 2009.

For Majors

ATM 210: Atmospheric Structure, Thermodynamics, and Circulation
Aa technical survey of the atmosphere that introduces and applies essential principles and concepts from atmospheric dynamics and thermodynamics, radiative energy transfer, and cloud and precipitation physics to describe and understand the processes that govern weather and climate that impact our environment. Fall semesters. Visit the A ATM 210 course page

ATM 317: Dynamic Meteorology II
An application of the governing equations to describe and understand synoptic to planetary scale phenomena, including vertical motion, jet streaks, and the frontal cyclone; introduction to the concepts of vorticity and potential vorticity. Spring semesters. Visit the A ATM 317 course page.

For Grad Students

ATM 525: Troposphere-Stratosphere Interaction
An introduction to the structure, composition, dynamics, chemistry and radiational properties of the stratosphere. We will analyze the two-way interaction between the troposphere and stratosphere in the tropics, extra-tropics and high latitudes and the implications of troposphere-stratosphere interactions on both weather and climate timescales. Fall 2013 and 2015. Visit the A ATM 525 course page.