Charles A. Ver Straeten (Ph.D.,1996, University of Rochester)

(518)-486-2004 email

Adjunct Professor*
[*Please note that this is not a current appointment at the University at Albany, since the closure of the Geological Sciences Program]
Senior Scientist, New York State Museum

Center for Stratigraphy and Paleontology
New York State Museum
Albany, NY 12230

photo of Charles Ver Straeten
Research Projects:
Basin-wide synthesis of Pragian-Eifelian (upper Lower and lower Middle Devonian) strata, Appalachian Basin (NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, WV, OH).
Development of Devonian terrestrial systems, Catskill Mountains, New York State.
Comparative study of geologic and paleontologic events, Lower and Middle Devonian, New York-Appalachian Basin and Central European successions.
Integrated geochemical (elemental/isotopic/coulometric), sedimentological, and paleoecological analysis of ancient marine shales, Western New York; study examines sedimentary processes (e.g., sequence stratigraphic trends), the relationship of paleoenvironmental change and community-level faunal turnover, and carbon burial during late stages of a greenhouse episode.
Conodont biostratigraphy of poorly documented intervals, Lower and Middle Devonian Appalachian Basin, New York.
Devonian K-bentonites and Geochronology, eastern North America.
Description and documentation of a tropical Middle Devonian brachiopod-dominated fauna ("Variatrypa arctica fauna").

Graduate students supervised by Dr. Ver Straeten at the University at Albany

Selected Publications: see his NYS Museum pages

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