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Current Conditions
Satellite Imagery
GOES-16 Experimental Satellite Imagery (College of DuPage)
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Homepage
Global Satellite Imagery (NexSat/NRL)
Global Satellite Imagery (NOAA/AWC)
Regional Satellite Imagery (UCAR/RAL)
Regional Satellite Imagery (UW-Madision)
Environmental Visualization Laboratory (NOAA)
European Satellite/Lightning (Sat24)
Model Analyses and Guidance (NCEP)

NCAR Ensemble Forecasts (NCAR)
Multi-model Forecast Maps (
Multi-model Forecast Maps (
Interactive Forecast Maps (
Interactive Forecast Maps (
GFS/NAM Forecast Maps (Tomer Burg)
GFS/ECMWF Forecast Maps (Alan Brammer)
GFS Analyses/Forecasts and d(prog)/dt (Kyle Griffin)
QG Diagnostics (Tom Galarneau)
Tropical Forecast Maps (Mike Ventrice)

WPC Winter Weather (Probabilities, etc.)
Winter Extratropical Cyclone Tracks - Ensemble Positions (WPC)
Winter Extratropical Cyclone Tracks - Uncertainty Circles (WPC)
Tropical Cyclones
Severe Weather
Storm Prediction Center (SPC) Homepage

Storm Reports/Severe Weather Event Summaries (SPC)
NCAR Ensemble Forecasts (NCAR) Model Page
4-km WRF Similations (NOAA/NSSL)
High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) (NOAA/ESRL)

Real-time HRRR output (Philippe Papin)
Lightning Strike Density Map (NCEP/OPC)
Teleconnections & World View
Climate Prediction Center (CPC) Teleconnections (e.g, NAO)
El Nino - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) (CPC)
Madden/Julian Oscillation (MJO) (CPC)
African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) (CPC)
The Cryosphere Today (University of Illinois)

Arctic Sea Ice Graphs/Maps
Global SSTs and Anomalies (NOAA/ESRL)

Western Pacific/East Asian Weather

European METAR Stations (AllMetSat)
Precipitable Water/Rainfall
Archived Data
North American Analysis Archive (1990-2005) (WPC)
North American Analysis Archive (2005-Present) (WPC)
Historical Weather Data (e.g., records) (WUnderground)

Archived Radar, Satellite, etc. (1996-Present) (UCAR/MMM)
U.S. Temp. and Precip. Records (1850-Present) (NOAA/NCDC)
Mesoscale Analysis Archive (2005-Present) (SPC)
Product and Report Archive (~2002-Present) (SPC)

Severe Storms Archive (2000-Present) (SPC)
Sounding Climatology Page (SPC)
U.S. Daily Weather Maps (1871-2002) (NOAA)
U.S. Daily Weather Maps (2003-Present) (WPC)

Archived Microbarograph Data (2010-Present) (USArray)
Tropical Cyclone Satellite Imagery (2003-Present) (CIMSS)
Tropical Cyclone Satellite Imagery (1997-Present) (NRL)

National Climate Data Center (NCDC) Homepage
GIBBS Global Satellite Archive (~1978-Present) (NCDC)
Station Locator (for Daily Temps, Precip., etc.) (NCDC)
Earth Science Research Laboratory (ESRL) Interactive Plotting & Analysis
Realtime and Archived GFS Analyses 2019 (Heather Archambault)

Archived GFS Analyses 2018 (Heather Archambault)
Archived GFS Analyses 2017 (Heather Archambault)

Archived GFS Analyses 2016 (Heather Archambault)
Archived GFS Analyses 2015 (Heather Archambault)

Archived GFS Analyses 2014 (Heather Archambault)
Archived GFS Analyses 2013 (Heather Archambault)
Archived GFS Analyses 2012 (Heather Archambault)
Archived GFS Analyses 2011 (Heather Archambault)
Archived GFS Analyses 2010 (Heather Archambault)
FEMA Natural Disaster Data (ADT Security Services)