Interesting links on atmospheric sciences

Philosophies and concerns about ENSO

  1. Why do we care about El Niño and La Niña?
  2. In Watching for El Niño and La Niña
  3. Why are there so many ENSO indexes, instread of just one?
  4. How Good Have ENSO Forecasts Been Lately?

baratrobic and shallow water models (Available source code)

  1. Shallow water model in Matlab code with baratropics instability test
  2. Dry spectral idealized model
  3. Moist spectral idealized model

Subroutines/scripts that calculats several spherical operators and statistics

  1. SPHEREPACK 3.2 is a collection of FORTRAN77 programs and subroutines facilitating computer modeling of geophysical processes. The package contains subroutines for computing common differential operators including divergence, vorticity, latitudinal derivatives, gradients, the Laplacian of both scalar and vector functions, and the inverses of these operators.
  2. Applied time series course. Beside the slides, there is bulk of codes that do much of statistics.

Classical papers collections

suggested by Geooff Vallis, author of Atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics
Interesting classic papers on geophysical fluid dynamics

Seasonal forecast

  1. IRI Seasonal Climate Forecast
  2. Seasonal Climate Forecast CFSv2
  3. World monsoons

Satellite Blogs, Tutorial, archives

  1. CIMSS Satellite Blog
  2. GOES Geostationary archive
  3. EUMETSAT Training
  5. Grided Satellite data

Convective Coupled Equatorial Waves (CCEW)

  1. Sandro Lubis blog for equatorial waves
  2. Carl Scherck tropical waves monitoring
  3. Kyle MacRitchie page
  4. Micheal Ventrice page

Interesting blogs & homepage

  1. Cliff Mass blog

Python libraries for Atmospheric science

  1. GHCN call and plot Get and plot station from GHCN network.

Africa drought/Famine/weather links

  1. Misc. Maps for Africa Maps link
  2. African Cener of MEteorological Application for Development ACMAD
  3. Famine Early Warning System Network FEWS NET
  4. Science for weather information and Forecasting Technique African SWIFT
  5. CPC Portal for African African Portal
  6. Seasonal forecasting over Nile hrc-Sudan

Interesting links on Physics

  1. Feynmann lectures on Physics, the lectures are written in 3 volumes, these lectures were taught in Caltech institue of technology by Feynman.
  2. One dimensional positive, negative, and zero groub veolocity
  3. Two dimensional gravity wave.

Interesting links on mathematics ...

  1. Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT) vs. Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) jupyter notebook
  2. Here is nice video series about FFT by Mike Cohen Youtube . There is many other videos on him youtube home page.
  3. Infinity is a beautiful concept and it is ruining physics Link .


  1. Ten simples rules for better figures link
  2. On writing and some numerical books Link
  3. Reproducibility problem Link