Courses that I taught:

I taught some crashed courses at Egyptian Meteorological Authority:
  1. Large scale tropical Meteorology
  2. This course is constructed for The WMO Aeronautical Meteorological Forecast (AMF) Training.
  3. Fortran
  4. The souce code could be downloaded from the following github link
  5. Python
  6. I am still working on writing the course materials. Yet, here is a brief introduction a discussing why to switch to Python. Also, the source code for the course could be downloaded from the folloiwng github link


  1. Master thesis (May 2015) link
  2. Ahmed Shaaban and Paul Roundy, 2017: OLR perspective on the Indian Ocean Dipole with application to East African precipitation: OLR Perspective on the IOD. QJRMS
    Researchgate link (send me private message on researchgate if you donot have access to the paper)