I am a fifth year graduate student at the University at Albany, SUNY working towards my Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science within the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, under the supervision of Professor John Molinari.

In May 2014, I graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science in Geology & Geophysics: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate from the Department of Geology & Geophysics where I worked with Professor William Boos.

Research Areas

TC Weblinks

I have compiled graphics from other sources, for informational purposes only, and have presented them in a way to give an at-a-glance view of the tropics and current TC activity for the Atlantic, Pacific, and MJO&ENSO.

Recent Updates

PUBLISHED | Article @ MWR: Research I conducted on the TC diurnal cycle is now published. More information and a copy of the paper can be found here. (02/2019)

MILESTONE: Passed my oral qualifying exam! (12/2017)

Courses | Spring 2019

  • ATM 899 | Doctoral Dissertation

Past Courses

  • ATM 504 | Intro. to Atmospheric Physics
  • ATM 510 | Synoptic Dynamic Meteorology I

  • ATM 511 | Synoptic Dynamic Meteorology II

  • ATM 521 | Tropical Meteorology

  • ATM 523 | Large-Scale Dynamics of The Tropics

  • ATM 562 | Numerical Weather Prediction

  • ATM 563 | Applications of Numerical Weather Prediction (audited)

  • ATM 741 | Special Problems in TC Research

  • ATM 839 | Independent Study II (Trop. Cyclones I)

  • ATM 898 | Research in Atmospheric Science II

  • ATM 899 | Doctoral Dissertation