Captions and access to Nanga Parbat geological photos

Images copyright © 1996-1997 by W.S.F. Kidd or M.A. Edwards.
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1. Panorama looking north to summit of Nanga Parbat (8143m), 8th highest mountain on Earth. Photo is taken from Shagin Glacier on southern side of Rupal Valley. Nearly 5 km of relief is visible; long moraine ridge at foot of photo is Shaigiri Glacier.

2. Panorama looking WNW from Mazeno Pass (~5400m) near the centre of the massif across the Jalhari granite belt. Peak in distance is formed by MMT hanging wall rocks atop the Nashkin ridge.

3. View to N of right bank of Diamir Valley showing >2 km high valley wall made up of Jalhari Granite, deformed byW-vergent, reverse sense Airl-Gah/Diamir Shear Zone.

4. View to E from Nashkin Valley, looking across Manogush Ridge to Airl Gali pass, across. Indian plate cover rocks that make up the "original" MMT footwall, and the eastern margin of the Jalhari Granite deformed in the Airl-Gah/Diamir Shear Zone (see geologic cross section).

5. View to W from Airl Gali pass, looking across Manogush Ridge to Nashkin Valley, across the Jalhari Granite (deformed in the Airl-Gah/Diamir Shear Zone). Dark rocks of Kamila amphibolite mark MMT hanging wall at top of furthest ridge which overlie the up to ~8 km structural thickness of carbonates, amphibolites, and metapelites of the local Indian plate cover rocks.

6. Outcrop photo of strained portion of Jalhari granite within Airl-Gah/Diamir Shear Zone, Diamir Valley.

7. View NNW to outcrop of the hinge of the Gashit Fold, near the mouth of Airl Gah Valley. Fold accommodates regional overturning (eastward dip) of MMT footwall, and is due to W-verging, E-dipping Airl-Gah/Diamir Shear Zone.

8. Outcrop of steeply W-dipping pelitic schists on western margin of Airl-Gah/Diamir Shear Zone between Gashit and Garrol. Laminated quartz vein aggregates within pelites show good S-C type shear structures with W-side down sense of displacement.

9. View to NNW from Phailobat looking across central Biji Gah valley. Illustrates consistent W-dip of Indian plate cover sequences that consist of metapelite, amphibolite and carbonate.

10. View looking SSE across Biji Gah and Phailobat to snow-covered peak of Dashat. Jalhari granite (~12 Ma) continues from main ridge in centre of photo to an unknown distance into Dashat massif.

11. Strongly deformed leucogranite lenses in mylonitic metasedimentary rocks of the lower Indian cover sequence, near the western margin of the Diamir/Airl Gah/Jalhari Shear Zone, between Gashit and Garol.

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