Camp Activities

Topics covered:
  • Measurement of: wind, rain, snow, temperature, and humidity
  • Causes and consequences of climate change
  • How clouds, rain, and snow forms
  • Interpretation of images from weather satellite and radars
  • Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Air quality
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Wind and solar power
  • Using supercomputers to simulate the weather
  • Educational and career opportunities in the Meteorology and Environmental Science

Activities include:
  • Visit to the National Weather Service's Albany forecast office
  • Lab experiments
  • Weather analysis and forecasting
  • Collect and analyze air quality data
  • Measurement of campus microclimates
  • Make your own weather in a rotating tank
  • Make your own cloud in a bottle
  • Televsion weather forecasting with a green screen
  • Visit to a state-of-the art weather station
  • Launching a weather balloon
  • Visit to the Whiteface mountaintop weather observatory in the Adirondacks
  • Campus tour and discussions about admissions and financial aid
  • Student lead research projects and presentations