W. D. Means (Ph.D., 1960, Univ. of California, Berkeley)

(518) 442-4466 email

Emeritus Professor

1997 University at Albany Excellence in Research Award
1996 Geological Society of America Career Contribution Award
Journal of the Virtual Explorer volume in honour of W.D. Means
Win Means in Nevada 1959 - link to 42K .jpgMy laboratory activity centered around the relationship between microstructure and micromotion in deforming rocks. The research approach is an unusual one, in which thin sheets of rock analog material are deformed on the stage of a petrographic microscope. This permits direct observation of progressive microstructural changes and, independently, observation of the associated particle motions. The combination of these two kinds of data provides insight on the types of deformation processes at work in the samples, and perhaps those at work in flowing rocks. The technique was independently pioneered by Janos Urai in Utrecht and by me in Albany, some years ago. There are now ten other labs in the world doing work of this kind. [Analog rock microstructure quicktime movies] [Rock analog experiments - 64 images and notes]
My second main interest has been in teaching other geologists and their students about structural geology in general, and about microstructure and continuum mechanics in particular. This has resulted in the two books listed below and in microstructure images and movies available on this website.

Graduate student dissertations and theses supervised by Win Means at the University at Albany

Selected References:

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Hobbs, Means, & Williams en France - link to 48K .jpgHobbs, B.E., Means, W.D., and Williams, P.F., 1976. An outline of Structural Geology. Wiley, New York, 571pp.

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