William S. F. Kidd (Ph.D., 1974, University of Cambridge)
Emeritus Professor
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          Himalaya - link to 30K .jpgThe main focus of my research has been on the tectonics of continental collision, specifically the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya, using surface geological observations and (in collaboration) thermochronological studies. This research has examined areas in the southern part of the Tibetan Plateau and the western Himalayan syntaxis (Nanga Parbat), and central Tibet (INDEPTH III); recent work has been focussed on the eastern Himalayan syntaxis around Namche Barwa, and the northern edge of the Plateau  (INDEPTH 4). Tectonic research into some aspects of older collisional orogens, especially the Taconic belt of the northern Appalachians, is still an active interest. Research into the exhumation history and tectonics of the Hellenic Ridge is also a recent project.

Courses that used to be taught by me each academic year at the University at Albany:
                       GEO 330 Stuctural Geology I   GEO 331 Field Excursions for Structural Geology
                       GEO 221 Minerals, Rocks, Geological Time  GEO 223 Introductory Field Geology
                       GEO 470/517 Tectonics

Graduate students - dissertations and theses supervised at the University at Albany

Selected References:

Hellenic Ridge research

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Namche Barwa project

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Data Repository item 2014215

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Tibetan Plateau/Himalaya - INDEPTH and other projects

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Nanga Parbat project

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N. Appalachian research

Schoonmaker, A., Kidd, W.S.F., DeLong, S.E., and Bender, J.F., 2014. Lawrence Head Volcanics and Dunnage Mélange, Newfoundland Appalachians: origin by Ordovician ridge subduction or in back arc rift? Geoscience Can., 41, xxx-xxx. [journal link]

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Schoonmaker, A., and Kidd, W.S.F., 2007. A reappraisal of the Stanbridge Nappe and adjacent shelf strata, southern Quebec and northwestern Vermont. Can. J. Earth Sci., 44, 155-169.  [coloured geological outcrop map Highgate VT-St. Armand Station PQ]

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Hayman, N.W., and W.S.F. Kidd, 2002. The Champlain Thrust System in the Whitehall-Shoreham area: influence of pre- and post-thrust normal faults on the present thrust geometry and lithofacies distribution. Field trip A7, pages7-1 to 7-24 in McLelland, J.M., amd Karabinos, P., (editors) Guidebook for Fieldtrips in New York and Vermont. New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference 94th Annual meeting, and New York State Geological Association 74th Annual meeting, Lake George, NY, September 27th-29th, 2002. Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs. pdf file (1.5Mb)    [coloured geological outcrop map Benson-Shoreham area, VT]

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Field trip guides and geological maps
Tectonic significance of Cambro-Ordovician and Siluro-Devonian stratigraphy and magmatism in the Chesuncook Lake and Ripogenus Gorge area, north-central Maine. NEIGC 2013 meeting. pdf file  [coloured geological map, cross sections and stratigraphic column of Ripogenus Dam and Gorge area]

Evidence against the allochthonous nature of the Stanbridge Nappe at Highgate Gorge, northwestern Vermont. NEIGC 2009 meeting. pdf file
[coloured geological outcrop map Highgate VT-St. Armand Station PQ]

The Champlain Thrust System in the Whitehall-Shoreham area: influence of pre- and post-thrust normal faults on the present thrust geometry and lithofacies distribution. NYSGA/NEIGC 2002 meeting. pdf file   [coloured geological outcrop map Benson-Shoreham area, VT]

Lithofacies and structure of the Taconic Flysch, Melange, and Allochthon in the New York Capital District. NYSGA 1995 meeting. pdf file  [coloured geological outcrop map of New York Capital district]

Thrusts, melanges, folded thrusts, and duplexes in the Taconic Foreland. NYSGA 1985 meeting. pdf file

Detailed stratigraphic and structural features of the Giddings Brook slice of the Taconic Allochthon in the Granville area. NYSGA/NEIGC 1979 meeting. pdf file

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