ATM 562 - Numerical methods and modeling (Fall 2021)

This is the "build a cloud model" course page. The WRF-based NWP class page is located here.

Instructor: Prof. Robert Fovell
Office: 404 ETEC Bldg
E-mail: rfovell ~at~ albany ~dot~ edu
Personal Zoom (by arrangement):
Zoom meetings and recording archive can be found on the Blackboard class page.


The 2018 class page version is here. Links will break or content will become inconsistent as this page is updated.

Class syllabus (Last modified 9/27/21, check for updates)
Course notes (Last modified 11/4/21)

Lecture materials provided in class

Overview and example final projects (PPTX)
Some Fortran tips (PDF document)
Some Fortran tips (PPTX version) (Updated 9/5/18, fixed slide 14)
"Fourier thinking" (PPTX)
Chapter 4 summary (PPTX) (Augmented 10/13/21)
Note regarding equations (5.8), (5.9) (PNG) (See also Appendix A)
Simple anelastic example (PDF)
Compressible vs. anelastic (PPTX)
Skater example of aliasing (PNG)
Damping rate plot (PNG)(Fig. 7.3 from course notes)
Dr. Seuss excerpt (PDF)
Raindrop pictures (PDF)
Excerpts from LFO paper (PDF)
Plots from Wakimoto et al. (2004) (PDF)
Figures from Wakimoto et al. (2004) (PPTX)
Adjoint models: theory (PPTX)
Adjoint models: applications (PPTX)

Homework and model task materials

Model Task #0A (PPTX)(Due date 9/8/21)
        Model Task 0A - recap(PPTX)
Model Task #0B (PPTX)(Due date 9/15/21)
        Model Task 0A - recap(PPTX)
Model Task 1 (PPTX)(Due date 9/22/21)
Model Task 2 (PPTX)(Due date 10/4/21) [updated 9/22/21]
Model Task 3 (PPTX)(Due date 10/13/21) [updated 10/9/21]
Model Task 4 (PPTX)(Due date 10/25/21) [updated 10/13/21]
Homework #1 (PDF)(Due date 10/25/21)
Homework #1 solution (PDF)
Model Task 5 (PPTX)(Due date TBA) [updated 10/25/21]

Homework #2 (PDF)(Due date 11/10/21)
Homework #2 solution (PDF)

Codes and scripts (will likely be updated)

grads_example_code_augmented.f (Revised 10/9/18)
grads_routines_augmented.f (Revised 10/9/18) (Revised 10/9/18) (Revised 10/9/18) (Revised 10/9/18)
Subroutine BLKTRI

References (will likely be updated)

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